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Well, today is Valentine's Day, and yeah.

But it's also the day I first made this community!
1 year of this community existing!
This is awesome!

Thank you so much, everyone! 

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People will probably start attacking me for this but Blaze Heatnix does not have my favorite theme in X6. Yanmark does. All the stages are quite frustrating but Yanmark at least calms me down with this

And first post in a week

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I personally think that Street Fighter 3 OST is pretty underrated and this song is one of my personal favorite (totally not bias for this being the Brazilian rep), that sax solo in the end is so dope

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Reviving this community from its grave with one cool tune at a time :D

But seriously, where did most of you go? It's dead silent in here for about a week or so.

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Oh wow, this community's been pretty dormant lately...

May as well share Guile's theme here in hopes of breaking that mold. It is said to make miracles, after all.

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One of the most evil themes I've heard

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Not shameless advertising or anything, but y'all need to listen to this. I swear, this is GOLD.

Also, I'm posting this to awaken this community once more. 'Mean seriously, almost a week without any post? BLASPHEMY!

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Team Chaotix is honestly my favorite set of Sonic characters. And I'm glad they got this head bangin theme.

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This is a rhythmless version of the "Epic Action" thene within the Batcave stages.

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Here's part one of a review for the soundtrack of, along with some interesting facts about Getsu Fuuma Den, an atmospheric and well-done Facimom game.
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