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🌸Welcome To Shikigawa Academy! My Name is Mako Mankanshoku! Your Principle! bows respectfully I do hope you enjoy your stay! We have many wonderful things to do in our lovely Academy! Many clubs and classes you can take and join! Be apart of our New Working progress Community By Yours Truly Hehe! In Roll Today! And be apart of this Great beginning! We will be making edits and adding things here and there but we will be a Wonderful community!! 🌸
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Name: Bobby
Qoute: WortWortWort
Gender: Male
Language: Sangheili, English
Parents: Unknown Elites
Species: Sangheili Elite
Freinds: +Mako Mankanshoku​​​, +Tomoko Kuroki​​​, +Alan Chomp!​​​, +Draconis Lunar​​​, +Coen Lindsey​​​, +AtοmiC ParasiteZ​​​, +MetalDillyBar​​​
Age: Elites age, 7
Skin Color: Gray, Black, Brown
Homeworld: Sanghelios
Personality: Quite, Eats alot
Particapates: Leadership

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Quotes: "Bonjour, mes amis!"
Name: Vernedi
Alias(es): Vernedi the Demon Fairy Snail
Age: 3 (25 in human years)
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Sexuality: Gay
Race/Species: Bear/Snail/Demon/Fairy hybrid
Nickname: Verny
Friends: +Detective J. +Farah +James The Undead King +Mako Mankanshoku +Sweet Tøøth
Family: Squirrel mom, demon dad (deceased), fairy grandma (deceased), four non-snail sisters
Enemies: Salt, Trump, Madonna, Damian Wayne, Iron Man, Magneto
Clubs: None... yet
Occupation: YouTuber! My channel is
Weight: Varies between 44g and 238 lbs.
Height: Varies between 2" and 5'7"
Appearance: smooth blue or yellow skin, cyan belly, red eyes, reddish shell
Transformation(s): Normal snail, blue snail
Personality: Usually sweet and lax, violent and hostile when triggered
Backstory: Magical bear transformed into snail
Equipment/Weapon(s): Retractable spike stored in throat's dart sac, multi-purpose slime, indestructible shell
Powers/Abilities: Wall-crawling, purring like a cat, sitting on people's heads and shoulders without being seen, stab with spikes, density manipulation, elasticity, magical immunity, talking to animals, hellfire, portal creation, healing slime, acid slime
Moves/Techniques Flaws/Weaknesses: Weak to salt, garlic
Likes: Hugs, cuddling, LEGOs, redheads, blondes, stocky guys, bird watching
Dislikes: Smoking, hot climates, snide comments, senseless violence
Theme Song: Na na na na na... Bat-Snail!

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Quotes: "How annoying", "...then what?"
Name: Detective J.
Alias(es): (None).
Age: 17.
Gender: Male identified as male.
Sexuality: Depends.
Race/Species: Human,
Nicknames: DJ, D-Man, Dick,...
Friends: +Vernedi +James The Undead King +DragonSniper384
Family: Pretend that I don't have one.
Enemies: Society.
Clubs: None..
Weight: Secret.
Height: Secret.
Appearance: Secret.
Transformation(s): Change of profile pics.
Personality: Tired and unmotivated most of the time in real life.
Backstory: Secret.
Equipment/Weapon(s): Knives, sniper riffles, bare hands.
Powers/Abilities: Nothing special.
Moves/Techniques Flaws/Weaknesses: Is a human.
Likes: Beautiful and nice women, good anime, learning, watching old films and series
Dislikes: Being around more than 2-3 people, being forced to do something, people being condescending pricks against personalities and hobbies, liars and hypocrites.
Theme Song: Jakuzure Nonon's theme from Kill la Kill.

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\\ A person suddenly bust through the doors, wild like with a donuts in Juuzou hands, and walks up to a random girl who was talking on a phone about face paint

_"Sounds good to me. Let me... draw on your face for you." said Juuzou

"Huh!?" said the girl

"Oh!, I am the new student!!" said Juuzou

\\Juuzou then put a black long and thick marker on her face and draws on it, apparently it has white ink 
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Hey, what's popping, Jimbo? Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Here's the profile template! I'll put a clean one in the description and comments!

 * means optional, feel free to remove those parts if you feel overwhelmed.

*Transformation(s): (If any)
*Moves/Techniques Flaws/Weaknesses:
Theme Song:
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H-hello...I'm new a-as well Is embarrassed
...As you c-can tell I'm....half deer...well m-more specifically I-I'm called a Cervitaur.
And...I-I'm a girl...I'm just fl-flat chested...>///>
I just hope t-to find a friend at this school...And I hope th-that I'm not the only mythical being on c-campus...>A<

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Quotes: "When life gives you lemons, extract the juice and use it to draw a treasure map in invisible ink. That really works! Seriously!"
Name: Madison Pines
Alias(es): Dipper
Age: 13
Gender: GIRL >////<
Sexuality: Bi
Race/Species: Cervitaur (Basiclly a baby Minotaur)
Nickname(s): Dippin'Dots, Dippin'sauce, Pine Tree, Lil Dipper, Deerper
Friends: My sis, wolf Wendy, and the local monster hunters, Pacifica Northwest, Pacifica Southwest, and Gideon Pines.
Family: My mermaid older twin Sis, Uncle Gargoyle Stan, Uncle Spinxlly.
Enemies:....The Local mean monster hunter, vampire Gideon, Zombie Robbie. Dipper and Mabel Gleeful
Clubs: None Yet...But wish to join the theater, Drama, or music clubs...
Weight: 120 Lbs
Height: 4 foot 11 inches
Appearance: Short brown hair with dear ears and small stubs for antlers hiding in my brown hair. Little freckles on the human part of my body and white spots on my dear half. An orange shirt with a blue bubble vest and sometimes will wear a white ball cap with blue rims and a blue pine tree on it. Has a birth mark in the shape of the little dipper on my forehead. Will always carry a book with a six fingered hand on it and a 3 on the hand. Can't wear pants or shoes because it's difficult to find four legged pants and shoes hurt my hooves.
Transformation(s): (If any) None...
Personality: Shy, Soft spoken after being turned into a dear. Low self confidence because of leaving the Mystery Shack to go to school without my sis and because of my body. Easily amused and easy to get scared or cry.
Backstory: Was born in California with my twin sis. Went to live with our Grunkle Stan and Gruckle Ford for the summer when my sis and I were tricked by the dream demon, Bill, into activating a spell that turned all of Gravity Falls's Humans into legendary and mythical creatures. Non-humans were turned human but still retained the powers they had before.
After sorta getting use to my new body, Grunkle Ford told me I should apply to a school and found this school...
Equipment/Weapon(s): None
Powers/Abilities: None....
Moves/Techniques Flaws/Weaknesses: My book being taken away. My weak strength
Likes: Listening to music. Solving mysteries! Cute things...
Dislikes: Being called "Little Dipper", Flat-chested, or bullied
Theme Song:* *Deer in the Headlights by Owl City

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Hi! Well, I'm new here😌😌..urmm.. So.. Is this a new community?😓😓
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