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Welcome to our community!

We have a few simple rules:
1. Keep it clean and be nice to each other. Boxing rings are fighting. This is a community not a playground or a boxing ring.
2. Do no post any porn, NSFW content or anything inappropriate. We will ban anyone who violates this rule without warning.
3. Watch your language. This is not a gutter mouth convention.
4. Do no post spam. If you like spam go to the grocery store, they have plenty of it.
5. Try to be mature in here. This is not a daycare and you should be out of diapers by now.
6. We do have a theater for fictional drama, not the real life kind. Also, we are not a hospital so keep any trauma out of here.
7. Fighting, harassment, bullying and threats will not be tolerated. Threats are taken seriously and will be reported.
8. Please tag a moderator if you see any rules being broken or there is any issues in the community.
9. Have fun! That rule should be easy to follow. 😉

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Finished ref of Billy! I know it's simple, but there's really no need to see the back. If I didn't shiw the tail separately, then I would show the back. But the only feature on the back is the tail. Reshare, like, comment if you can. Constructive criticism and feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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Hey furries! We need some art for the community!

Hi Razzle! You are welcome to invite others and advertise your community in here. 
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