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Hey guys, I am beta testing an Android app and would love to have more people use it! You can download it from the Google Play Store once you join this community ( Instructions to download are inside. Thanks!

Hi! I'm a first year CS student. I want to make friends who also study in CS. None of my friends are really passionate about programming. It'd be great if I could have someone to share my thoughts with and learn together.

I'm really new to this, but I'm interested in learning computer science and electrical engineering. I'm going to school for it in August, but I want to get started on some learning on my own. I've tinkered a bit, but I want to learn more over the summer. Anyone have any good sources for learning java by making a project (like team tree house's crystal ball tutorial)? Also, I have a raspberry pi. Any project ideas to start out with? And how can I connect stuff to the raspberry pi? I understand some wiring basics b/c arduino, but how do you do it on raspberry pi, if at all? Thanks guys! Also, if anyone knows of opportunities to learn (internships) or network, please share. Thanks guys and gals. I'm looking forward to being a part of this group. 

What's everyone working on? :)

hey guys going to start iTunes U for iPhone and iPad dev in a few hours 6 PM PDT 9PM EST. add me on here and message me if interested. Thank you

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Moment im sure alot of you have been waiting for!

The android contest teams are here!

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New information about the Android group is out, warning it changed a lot, for the better in my opinion.

Looks like hangouts on air was having some difficulty tonight which is why the stream was not working. 

IRC Channel is coming soon to Freenode. Keep an eye out for more information.
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