How do I create community on a iPod touch????

My friend changed my g+ name a several times.. And then now I'm stuck with the one I totally hate.. Any help with this?

How do you Change a description on a community???

If u r a moderator but originally a owner how can u change yourself to be a owner again it will not let me :-(

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How do you create a community?

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To crate a community you need to be on a computer or laptop you need to go to communities and then at the top (it is different on many computers) there will be a crate community button and you press it and if you want lots of people to join you might wanna make it public 

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Ellie B, there are two ways to think about it the first way is way harder than the other well you could just tell him or you could take it slow and just invite him to a movie or to lunch and you could kind of see if he likes you back, you can keep going to places and see if he is starting to get the message.
Trust me Ellie B I know the feeling just don't do nothing otherwise he will never know, just don't shock him.

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How do you tell someone you fancy them when they are your best friend?? Xx
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