Remember that we do have a meeting this Tuesday. I'm going to bring Star Wars X Wing and maybe two copies of memoir 44 but I will probably be playing D and D.

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Magic or not
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magic the Gathering
some other game

I have the door to nothing and a 10/10 and door destroys all lives

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Meh, next meeting do you guys want to do more memoir 44 or do you want to play a new game?
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New Game!
more memoir 44!

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So continueing on the extra meeting day, it'd be like a saturday at this cool gaming place I know.
Check out the link to their website:
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Not Interested

So next meeting is September 22nd. As well we could have something on a weekend at a gaming place I know if you guys are interested.

Reminder that next meeting is 9/22, thats next next tuesday

Do you have Catan or Ticket to Ride?

Okay sorry for all the confusion, the first meeting is on September 8th, which is a Tuesday.

um what is this? whats a war game
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