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Who's your favorite Harry Potter character out of these?
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Neville Longbottom
Luna Lovegood
Cedric Diggory
Cho Chang

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Our first homework assignment will be based on Hermione Granger. Please take this quiz!!! Try your best!

Name:  ____________________    House: ______________
Date: ____ Teacher: _____________________

Good luck!

Answer these questions as best as you can:

1) What did Hermione Granger tell Professor McGonagall in the 1st book which made she, Harry, and Ron become friends?

2) What sort of thing did Hermione transform to by accident in the 2nd book while brewing the Polyjuice Potion?

3) What pet did Hermione receive in the 3rd book?

4) Who did Hermione go to the Yule Ball with?

5) Who did Hermione go with to save Sirius Black in the 5th book?

6) Who did Hermione finally kiss in the 7th book? 

7) Your personal opinion: Who do you like Hermione being with? (Who do you ship her with?)

8) Your personal opinion: Was Hermione really the brightest witch of the year? Explain. 

9) Your Personal opinion: What do you think were Hermione's best personality traits? Explain. 

10) Your Personal opinion: What do you think were Hermione's worst personality traits? Explain. 

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SLYTHERINS ASSEMBLE!!!! This is where to post all sorts of Slytherin stuff, such as #SlytherinPride  or just funny memes, or polls, etc. etc. 

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This is where to come if you'd like to become a moderator!!! A moderator is basically a teacher...a teacher who can teach about a certain character, (provided you ask me), potions, one of the books...anything! As long as it's appropriate to the Harry Potter series!

Or, you can become a Prefect, or Head Boy, or Head Girl, which means you patrol the "corridors" (posts). You keep track of the points on each House, and repeatedly update them IN THEIR TOPICS. You can also take away points, or give them. Please fill out with the correct information:

Would you like to be teacher, Prefect, or Head Girl/ Boy?
If teacher, what subject would you teach?
Will you be on this community often?
What House do you believe you are in?

Thank you! I'll message you back as fast possible. 

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I love Ginny!!

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