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Hi guys, 

I am creating/have created a G+ collection. I want it to take off but as yet I haven't seen too many of them go nuts. I want to make it quite specific and the posts in it should be narrowed down to this topic but I can see this making lots of collections as my brand talks about a lot of things. 

Any tips/ideas? I am posting into it and really would just appreciate some thoughts/comments! Thanks!

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Some interesting info

Social and SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using Google Plus

In the past couple of years Search Engine Optimization may well have gone through a transformation.

Since the launch of Google Plus people are talking more and more about Social SEO: As such, I would suggest this has as much to do with psychology as it does with hyperlinks…

This article will explore how you can best use Google Plus for perfectly natural, organic search engine results – including exploring the more technical considerations in interviews with Mark Traphagen and Joshua Berg.

- Martin Shervington

#SEO #Search #Marketing #Business #SocialMedia #Plushelp

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Guess who has two thumbs and now has google+ on their landing page?

It's there a way to up date your business page via mobile? 

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I found this to be interesting I was cross searching some of my keywords and found that Google Plus is now allowing you to share right from the SERP pages. I like this feature cause I cross search and do analysis work for about 4 hours every day and this allows me to continuously share to my networks and community's on the fly without skipping a beat...  I am loving all the new innovations Google is applying to their platform..Now I cant wait for the I glass to be public o-O

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Is there a way for a business  to cover 2 locales?
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