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VTbox200 mod
With AUTHENTIC DNA 200 chip by EVOLV.
*Temp control *Output: 1~200W *lowest resistance: 0.1ohm

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Battletech e ciagrette
1.The size is 1950*24*24MM
2.The weight is 175g
3.The battery size is 115*24*21
4.1300mah battery capacity
5.3.5ml capacity and 75g weight atomizer
6.Input voltage is 5v
7.Output voltage is 3.3v/3.7v/4.2v
8.Recycled filling more than 300 times ,after the capacity retention rate is still 95%
9.High energy density and low self-discharge rate
10.No memory effect
11.The wattage is 8w 
Telephone :15360642611
Facebook:Minhui he

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Anyone know if there is an international or national vapor council or trade association?

I am finding so many people disconnected in little tiny groups. Like everything else, we have to unite our common goals and go for the win!

FOR the next 38 days I am running a fundraiser to fund an international vapor awareness campaign. I hope to build it $1 at a time. Please check my profile to see whats happening. People are getting involved sharing and being apart of something greater than themselves.
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