Thick Buttons was great when I was on Android but it does not seem to work on my iphone.


Finally update 0.9.64 is available. It contains:
- Added support for #Arabic.
- Added support for #Hebrew.
- Added support for #Indonesian.
- Added support for #Tagalog.
- Minor bug-fixes.

Hi all we are finishing preparations for next update. It will include:
- Arabic support;
- Hebrew support;
- Indonesian support;
- Tagalog support;
- minor fixes :)

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There is on arabic language please add it. العربية

Nicee job

Awesome idea! Good keyboard! Just one thing:

Can you make it to work with international characters?

I mean that for example I want to write "Érkezel", you have to type É for the first letter. If I type E, the keyboard and dictionary can't recognize it as É.
It works the same in the middle of words too.
It also doesn't "suggest" me letters with accents. For example I want to wrote "Boltból", it works well till Boltb, but after the second "b" the "O" key doesn't suggested and if I maually write "ó", the "l" suggested.

The keyboard should not distinguish different accents.

If I press "O", the prediction should come up for all accent letters placed on "O" key (O, Ó, Ö, Ő). Also with predictions, when you can predict some letter with accents, you should highlight the letter form without accents.

Update 0.9.56 is out. It brings support for  Korean language.

This is a great keyboard, thanks for the great piece of work!

I have a question (problem) though.
I used 'Thick buttons' before, in a Gingerbread phone with a small screen, and it was great. Now I have a new Jellybean 4.2.1 phone and I can not compose an SMS with 160 characters using capital Greek letters. This was done in Gingerbread. Is there a way of forcing Text Mode with GSM alphabet for SMS? If I use capital Greek letters now it turns to PDU mode for SMS. I don't want this to happen.

Using on my second smart phone. Love it, but on my LG Optimus Showtime (w/Straight Talk), there is no return
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