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I have been seeing a lot more spam from people advertising stuff, who are not shall we say regular members of the Going Linux Community. We welcome people in our community to post. You guys are great and respectful. But to keep them from abusing our community, I am removing posts from these people. You guys are great and we have a good group so I wanted you guys to know none of this applies to you. So if you see a post, that you find troublesome, please let Larry or me know.


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Episode 320 Response to Mouse buttons

(I know it's not recent, but I've been screening random episodes to check whether this was a good podcast for a newly switched friend)

For binding logitech mice the easiest route these days is just to use which should be in your distro's repo

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If your company sells computers, how can you be out of computers ?

I don't have an MBA but .......... Seems tough to make a profit

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The "Firefox Focus" browser offered this site as a search result. New to me, and so I'm sharing.

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Hey guys,
Loving the podcast, but beating my head against the wall when it comes to trying to set up Mate for some basic web development. I installed XAMPP, following these instructions almost exactly:

Unfortunately, when I go to install Opencart, I get a 403 error. When I try Abantecart, I get the following:
Warning: require_once(/home/andrew/Documents/development/abante/system/config.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/andrew/Documents/development/abante/index.php on line 46

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/andrew/Documents/development/abante/system/config.php' (include_path='.:/opt/lampp/lib/php') in /home/andrew/Documents/development/abante/index.php on line 46

I think it's a permissions issue? Can anyone help me with this, before I go running back to WAMP?

Hey Larry.

Can I enable hot corners on Mate ?

I mean without learning how to compile my desk top. Ha ha

What’s generally the best strategy on partitions so when I want to change to another distro, I don’t lose all of my “stuff”? Or is it simply just backup my Home directory, install the new distro and then just restore my Home directory back?

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New Tutorial: Ubuntu MATE 18.04 How to Change Your Password.

There is plenty of documentation on how to change your Linux password using the command line. This video shows you how to change your Ubuntu MATE password the way an average computer user would do it, graphically, using 'Users and Groups' from the 'Administration' menu.

I enjoyed the Pinguy 18.04 review on Going Linux #351. The review was a good listen, and I do not mind when a reviewer sees things differently than I see them. The review did take different views of Pinguy Linux than my own views. I find Pinguy a good beginner distro because it is user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and includes a robust software set. So when Bill said he could not recommend it for new users, I found myself unable to agree. I also think that offering a version filled with software is fine for a new-user-oriented distribution, particularly when the release includes a "mini" .iso option.

So while I liked hearing the review, I like Pinguy Linux a lot more than Bill does.
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