In the last episode you asked for feedback on the podcatcher AntennaPod. I was a long-term user of it until my phone updated to Oreo last year. Straight away I started experiencing the issue of stuttered playback on certain podcasts. +DoorToDoorGeek recommended the Podcast Addict app on Android App Addicts, I gave it a try and it worked flawlessly. It's not open-source (as far as I know), but it's a great podcatcher. I decided to pay for the ad-free version since it's such a good app.

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So I've been following the discussions surrounding pending releases of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Gnome in 3.28 has "removed" the ability to add desktop icons. The stated reason is the team wanted to re-write the entire structure of Nautilus to improve it, and couldn't without removing support for desktop icons.

Confused am I? Because there's some discussion on the 'net that support for desktop icons in Gnome 3.28 will be available in the "Gnome Shell." Haven't tried to dig deeply enough to see what that means.

I happen to like the ability to put icons, folders, and files on my desktop. Helps at work that I have dual 27" monitors, but even on my 13" laptop, I find it useful. Helped in both cases by a folder "ClearDT" into which I scrape files / folders / etc. that I think I don't need on the desktop, but might want to restore. Keeps the desktop somewhat tidy.

By the way, one of the top "Google" hits for Mate desktop is one of the excellent "Going Linux" tutorials: "How to Create Desktop Icons with Ubuntu MATE 17.04"

The other trend which confuses me is seemingly increasing preference for the Mac-style global menu. Ugh. I find the "Universal Menu" much more productive. Returning to a dual screen Mac from a dual screen Mint Cinnamon install is painful, partly because of the time and carpal tunnel inducing mousing necessary to reach that application menu in the upper left display.

Then, Apple somehow seems to set design standards, even when Apple does really dumb stuff. I had a Sony Smartwatch a year before Apple came out with the iWatch. The Sony was a sensible rectangle that looked really geeky, and Android watch makers tried to reject with more traditional round styles. Oops. As soon as the iWatch appeared, my Sony was in fashion. Then there's that stupid ugly notch on the iPhone X. Yep, it's become so fashionable Google is designing Android "P" on the assumption it will become common.

Sign me Luddite!

Managed to talk about Linux as part of an English lesson for foreign students on the topic of technology. The 16 year olds were pleasantly surprised, I think, by how cool desktops and terminal can look.

Hi all, I am trying to run cqrlog in Manjaro, i need to add myself to the dialout group but when I use useradd -g dialout jeff i get there is no dialout group.
So how do i add the group in?


System76 answering questions on a Sunday about my Galago UltraPro. Emma ROCKS!

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OK Mint users, am I not understanding this? I installed Mint 18.3 on one of my machines to test until Ubuntu 18.04LTS comes out. I don't want the updater to notify me of level 4 and 5 updates, so I unchecked the boxes in the attached image. However, the tray notification shows updates and specifically a Level 4 update. I also tried setting the update policy to "Just keep my computer safe", but I'm still getting the notification. It would be nice if the tray notification wouldn't show that I have an update that I don't plan on installing. Anyone else try this or having the same issue?

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Schizophrenic Computing
In my early Linux days I learned the hard way that going outside the official repo for updates or other distro-centric applications could have unforseen negatives. An advantage I find in Mint's conservative distribution model is it ensures I get to work, instead of work on my computer.

But LibreOffice strongly recommended users update for security reasons to either 6.01 or 5.45. 6.01 being available in a flatpak, and having read flatpak apps can be run beside other versions without interference, I gave that a try. What I ended up with was a system with two competing versions of Libre, and no easy way I discovered to choose.

Removed the flatpak. That was fairly straightforward. Thought installing the .deb of 5.45 would replace 5.1+

Back where I was with flatpak. Will figure it out. There's a handy local help in 5.45, and one for 6.01 that wouldn't install and for some reason isn't embedded in the flatpak.

There's three competing sandboxing bundle package formats. Wish our "leaders" could agree to support one.

Link to an overview.

Disabling IPv6.

Mint was taking forever for apt-get update.

Door to Door Geek .... said he disabled it completely.

Now my web pages load like lightning fast.

Thanks Door !

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Remote Desktop
Scary Warning

"Please note that using Remote Desktop across the Internet is EXTREMELY insecure. With many remote control applications, your password us is completely unencrypted, so your transmission could easily be intercepted, and the remote computer could easily attacked and taken over! "

So since this warning was on the X2Go explanation (good job!), is it a warning about X2Go, or others?

Since you recommend TeamViewer, I presume you're as satisfied as you can be with its security, given it is at least part proprietary?

Any idea about whether the "Great Goog in the Sky" monitors Chrome Remote Desktop Connections? That was our fallback after realizing that LogMeIn, which requires a proprietary program but uses a browser, filled the browser with tracking cookies.

Ah, for the "good old days." Apple's iChat with paid MobileMe service provided SSL certificates and encrypted chat, video, audio, and remote control. Simple. Could administer remote Macs anywhere while talking to their users over iChat.

I do note the X2Go has a Mac "client," but apparently not a Mac server, meaning it apparently isn't a tool I can use to manage remote Macs from my Linux Desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop that's "free" - or TeamViewer subscription?

TeamViewer looks a lot easier to setup over the Internet than the much geekier X2Go, even if your "scary warning" doesn't apply to X2Go in particular.

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Thanks for this basic info, and emphasizing my holding the power button down to accomplish the objective isn't good for my system.

How to restart X Server in Gnomish World. Ctrl+Alt+Bksp

Have one system running xUbunutu (xfce) and there's lots of instructions which depend on using the Terminal to type commands, but, well, if the desktop is "frozen," that's not much good.

Any Ctrl+Alt+Bksp equivalent from the keyboard to give xfce a kick in the . . .
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