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This coming Sunday, July 10th from 7:00-9:00 CDT, is the July edition of the 4SQRP Second Sunday Sprint. That's July 11th from 0000-0200 UTC. Full rules are on the 4SQRP web site, under "on-air activities".

4SQRP Second Sunday Sprint -
Occurs on the second Sunday of each month, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time, 7 to 9 PM Central time. Any mode, any band (except WARC & 60 mtrs) -
Suggested frequencies are near the Four State hangouts of 7122 and 3564, as well as the usual QRP watering holes. Same station contacts count when made on different bands, i.e. 1 contact per band.

Calling CQ is suggested to be "CQ 4S"
exchange is "RST, SPC, member number"
or "RST, SPC, power" for non members.
5 watts maximum output regardless of mode.
The station with the most contacts each month will be emailed a certificate. Furthermore, the top three stations with the most SSS contacts during the year will also receive certificates via email.
Scores are submitted via the website (compliments of W8DIZ).

For full details, please download the complete rules (PDF) at

For questions, please contact John (AA0VE): SecondSundaySprint[at]4sqrp[dot]com

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Thanks to KP4MD Carol for this info!

I detested using the KXPD3 iambic paddle since I bought it in 2015, thinking that my clumsy sending caused the missed dots and dashes. VK3CAT documented a fix for the defective paddle bar grounding via the pivots.
A length of thin stranded wire that grounds each paddle bar has resolved the problem. If you prefer, Elecraft will rebuild your paddle with the modification for $95 plus shipping through their KXPD3 Rebuild Program.

The NJQRP Club is announcing the Sixth Annual " Skeeter Hunt". The objective is to get QRPers out of their shacks for the day; and into the fresh air and sunshine, to spread their wings and fill the airwaves with "Skeeters". While commercial equipment can certainly utilized, bonus points will be awarded for those who personally home brewed their own or kit built their own equipment (equipment not built by the operator would not count as either home brewed or kit built - it would be considered commercial equipment). This year, the event is to be held on Sunday August 20th. It will be a four hour sprint - from 17:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC (1:00 TO 5:00 PM EDT).

Complete Info and Rules/Procedures are at . Skeeter numbers will be issued from June 21st (the First Day of Summer) through the day before the event. If you intend to operate as a Skeeter in this years event and want to request a Skeeter number send a email to W2LJ Larry at w2lj[at]arrl[dot]net , but do not do so before June 21st,

T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other apparel are available this year from CafePress at .
Good luck in the 4 hour QRP Skeeter Hunt event and very 72!

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Had some QRP fun Sunday June 11, 2017 when I shot a rope up in a chestnut oak tree behind the house and pulled up a 43 feet (13 meters) 14 gauge stranded copper wire vertical with no counterpoise. Got the idea from a article I read somewhere on the internet that stated no counterpoise was required.
I have a Hendricks PFR-3A 3 band QRP rig that W4CUX Bill built from a kit that he left to me in his will that he had W4CJV Wayne to send to me in January 2012 along with a set of W5JH Baby Black Widow paddles that attach to the front of the PFR-3A and a single lever Vibroplex Chrome Deluxe Vibrokeyer , and a 15 watt SMT dummy load. Bill willed me all these things and I will be forever grateful! We worked a 80 meter sked together on 3564 for 3 1/2 years and one week Bill got on and said his stomach had been hurting him a lot and he was going to the doctor the following Monday. Well, when he got on for the next week's sked he told me the doctor diagnosed him with terminal pancreatic cancer! Pancreatic cancer doesn't mess around! Only 3 weeks later Bill passed away! Anyway, I used the rig for the very first time today. I've been using a Ten-Tec R4020 2 band QRP radio and wanted to learn how to work the PFR-3A and so I got on in the last 2 hours of the SKCC Weekend Sprintathon and heard EA1AOQ calling CQ SKCC on 14061 Khz so I tried my luck and he immediately came back to me! I was tickled half to death at how well the 43 feet wire was working with 5 watts and so put Chus in the logbook at 2215z. He gave me a 539 report in Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain. I started the hunt & peck after that and received a 579 RST from WB0SND Mike in MO on 14052 Khz at 2228z, a 569 RST from K3WW Chas in PA at 2243z on 14053 Khz, and then a RST of 579 from K1PUG Hank in CT on 14055 Khz at 2321z. I wish now I had put the wire in the tree Saturday morning instead of waiting until the last few hours of WES to do so. I still enjoyed myself tremendously and left the wire in the tree so I can sit on the deck some more Monday and have some more QRP CW fun! Here are a few photos I took Sunday. My male Mountain Feist "Mickey" seemed to be very curious about what I was doing and I got a couple of good pics of him investigating! It's a safe bet that you may be hearing me frequently around the QRP watering holes on 20, 30, and 40 meters for the rest of the spring & summer.

Very 72/73 de KU4GW

SKCC#652C, NAQCC#1491, Flying Pigs QRP International#1183, QRPARCI#15877, 4SQRP#536, FISTS#16001, GORC#399, CW Ragchewers#30, & QRP Zombie#867.

#QRP #AmateurRadio #HamRadio #CW
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Good for QRP tuners on Loops
High Voltage Air Variable Capacitors 22-360pF/ 1KV- Amplifier/Tuner REPAIR DIY

KNIGHTLITES QRP ROUND TABLE 3574 Khz CW, Sunday evenings at 9:00 pm (ET) = 0100 UTC

This is an informal CW rag chew net with a few long winded brass pounders. Many however, simply tap in to say a quick hello. All are graciously welcomed and the NCS operators try hard to match whatever speed makes you comfortable. Since most of the Knights are located in the Mid Atlantic states, other amateurs in the eastern US should be able to work the Net with a modest antenna, such as a low dipole. Our common passion is QRP, but you are welcome to check in at any power level. Soon you will share our passion, and find yourself checking in at power levels lower than you thought possible, likely with a rig you've been encouraged to build yourself! The KnightLites Net has been meeting continuously for over 15 years. We are always happy to hear new callsigns among the checkins; give it a try!

Tune around within 1 KHz of the net frequency at the listed time and listen for "CQ KLN DE WQ4RP QNI". (WQ4RP is the club callsign used by the Net Control Station.)

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Had a QRP demonstration today. Youkits HB1B MK3 running 5 watts into an outback we mobile vertical on a tripod. Good to hear TF3JB and working him!

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