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Name: Kivuli

Gender: Male

Age: Cub to Adult (10 to 30 in human terms)

Pride: Pridelander

Mate(as adult): Vivian

Cubs(as adult): Kimba, Sanna and Hannah

Father: Simba

Mother: Nala

Siblings: Kopa, Kiara, Kion, Misha, Oak

Other Relatives: Nuka, Vitani, Scar, Zira, Sarabi, Sarafina, Mufasa, Uru, Ahadi and Mohatu

Personality: Adventurous, careless, brave and noble when need be but also has a very hot temper

Bio: The second born cub of Simba and Nala. Following his brothers murder and the paws if Zira he is next in line to be king. He recieved his scar from an incident with Banzai, Shenzi, Janja and Ed.

(Pics of him as a baby, cub, young adult/teenager, adult and at his first cubs presentation)
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Here's Maiya Doing the hula Dance ! :)

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P.S Picture Edited
Name: Maiya
Gender: Female
Age: 14 or 15
Animal: Meerkat
Pride : Both
Cool Power : She can't Smell anything Bad :)
Bio: Maiya Was born in a place called Meerkat Town where she was the only Merrykat with a High Pitched singing Voice and every was so jealous of her . One day where Meerkat Town was a normal peaceful place Hyenas !!!! Came running to Meerkat Town By a sweet smell of Bananas and roses Ur..... and that smell came from you gust it Maiya .
Anyway while everyMeerkat was running for there lives like they should be Maiya Keeped a secret Hideway to run away more faster . She never used it befor but now she did . Anyway has she was Runing for her lives and did not see where she was going she bumped into a tree and the tree and writing on it and it said ( Singing Competition at the Pool at 12:00PM on the 26 of Sep By Timon and Pumbaa. The reward would be a swim a the pool .) WOW !!!!! a Singing Competition! She said to herself. This is my lucky Day and it is the 26 of Sep and right now it is 12:00PM Better get ready :) . Roleplay :)
Timon : Ok Who's next ?
Omar the pig : Me .............
Timon : Um ok then um lets see here um Your Omar right ?
Omar the Pig Yep that's me :)
Pumbaa : I like this Guy :)
Timon : Let's just see if he's a good singer or not ok ?
Pumbaa : Ok then?
Timon : Ok Omar show us what you got ?
Omar the pig : OK :) : Sings like a Pig :
Timon : STOP !!!!!!!!!!!
Pumbaa : I sill like this guy :)
Timon : NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!
( Maiya walks in the Room )
Maiya : HI I'm Maiya
Pumbaa : Hi Maiya I'm Pumbaa and this is Timon !
Maiya : HI Timon and Pumbaa :)
Pumbaa : So Maiya would you like to tell a bit about yourself ?
Maiya : Sure ! :) Well Im 14 or 15 and I like to Sing and ........
Timon : Just Sing alreday !
Pumbaa : TIMON !!!!
Maiya : Ok then :) : Sings High Pitched :
Timon : ..........OMG !!!
Pumbaa : So can she be in ?
Timon : Yep you know it ! :)
Pumbaa : Maiya you are in !!! :)
Maiya : YAY !!!!!! Thank you guys so Much : Hugs :
So whlie Timon , Pumbaa And Maiya were talking They Made a Splash ! :)

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(Picture of Mabaya not mine, Art belongs to rightful owner, the picture of paws r mine i made it so ppl could know what her paws look like)
Name: Mabaya
Age: 18 moons (age of Vitani)
Gender: female
Race: Lion
Pridelander or outsider: Outsider
Rank: loner
Personality: shy, scared easily
Bio: Mabaya was found by a pack of Hyenas who were looking for food, she was only a a month old cub, so the hyenas were going to give her to the hyena pups. But instead of eating her the hyena pups wanted to play with her, the older hyenas saw this and decided to not to eat her, instead they decided to raise her till she was old enough to be on her own. A year passed and Mabaya was now old enough to defend on her own but Mabaya never wanted to leave the hyenas because she has chosen them as her family, but the hyenas wouldnt let her stay anymore so they chased her out of their territory. Soon Mabaya was out on her own wondering the outlands, as she was walking she was looking at the ground not looking where she was going and bumped into another year old cub named Vitani, Vitani didnt appreciate this, Mabaya apologized with a scared look on her face, Vitani stopped growling and sat asking what was mabaya's name and where she came from, after that day Mabaya and Vitani became best of friends, years passed and now Vitani now lives in the pridelands along with her pride, Mabaya wonders the pridelands at times but still lives in the Outlands.
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What does UTTP stand for

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Name: laval
Gender: male
Age: 13 Moons
Animal: lion
Pride: unknown
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: out lands hyenas mother father
bio: I was abandoned by my mother and father they said you will never be powerful or stronger your a pushover and quite" and left on my own until simba became my friend and family he lost his dad and I felt bad for him and me and him defeated scar

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Hi dudes!! I'm new here and I would like to introduce my fursona.
Name: Jamal
Gender: Female
Age:  Private.
Animal: Lioness.
Pride: Uh, i dunno, XD
Bio: Private. At present, she is lying on the bed eating chocolates and
        chips and chatting with friends, plus writing this bio.
(This is a headshot of her, but I will post her ref sheet later.)

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Me: ....
Mero: here eat this
Me: idk.... I'm not hungry
Mero: you haven't ate for 5 days!
Me: ....

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Name: kero
Age: 16
Gender: male
Bio: son of kovu doesn't know because got kidnapped by zira, trained to kill kovu and kill the feature king. One of my eyes are blind and a outlander

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walks on a log with my friend modi
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