chock full of resources presented @ICE2016 byt the folks ar REcharge. GRazie!!!

Great resources shared at @ICE2016! Thank you!

The Collaboration Project-Love
As a teacher we need to remind students no matter what part of the world we are from we all have the same outcome. We want to have family and friends to love and share adventures,dreams,and hopes.At the end of the day we are all the same.We all have stories to share.

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New Blog post with information of ActivelyLearn, a platform that could help foster critical thinking.

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My Toastmaster Project Speech - People forget the great power they hold within-the power to shape their life. Our life is shaped by the choices we make. You are the one who choose how to live your life or create your life's path.

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If we are trying to make a good impression – both socially and in business – we often smile and hold contact the other person’s eyes as we shake their hand. The difficulty is that we give off thousands of other unconscious signals through our body language that other people will ‘read’ instantly and instinctively.

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The content is the most obvious component of any oral presentation — after all, if you are talking, you had better have something worthwhile to say. But an oral presentation — no matter how well-written — is only as effective as its delivery.

If there is one simple thing you can do to enhance your impact as a presenter, persuade others to see things as you see them, and make it more likely your audience will say yes to your idea, it is sustained, purposeful eye contact with one person at a time.

All it takes to start reaping the rewards of assertive eye contact is a little practice every day. Are you willing and able to give it a try?

Have you ever been to a painfully bad seminar with audience members murmuring to each other…?

· “What was that about?“
· “He was all over the place today.“
· “What was her point?“

These are symptoms of a speech that had no clear objective and was not focused on achieving that objective. The third project of Toastmaster stresses the importance of clearly identifying your target objective, and then maintaining precise focus to achieve it and is aptly named as “Get to the Point”.
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