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Be empowered, Stop Blaming Kids, Revise and Reflect

Any issues or questions or needs after discussing backend with your respective schools after our last meeting at WTP?

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Thank you for having us. We would like to share that there is also a HOD ICT G+ community with more than 150 HODs ICT. Check it out! Search for "HOD ICT Professional Learning Network".

Folks, this will be the agenda for the meeting on 3 Feb 2015 at Wellington Pri 3-5 pm. Do come prepared. Looking at it, it looks like as if its going to be a power packed one.


1.       Introduction of Networking Group

By P/Wellington Pri
2.       ICT SWOT analysis of our Cluster Schools

Will include:
a.       Sharing by OIC P/WTP on K-SWOT

b.      Sharing by Catholic High on use of SNAAPP

3.       Networking and Professional Development

Focus on:
a.       Which part of BY(i)TES do schools want to work on in 2015 and thus learn more about from others / try out with another school?

b.      Which part of BY(i)TEs do schools think they have practices that could be shared with others?

4.       Sharing by ETD on plans and support for 2015

Exploring resource & leverage points:
a.       What ETD/school research/projects that are on-going / will be taking place that our cluster schools can consider collaborating for student benefits / teacher PD? 

b.      What are the resources/leverage point (from ETD and other sources) that our cluster schools can consider tapping on for student benefits / teacher PD?

5.       Follow-ups and Action Plan

Possible ideas:
a.       Proposed Learning Journey & Sharing by Catholic High (CH2AMPS and Knowledge & Data Management sharing)

b.      Proposed ICT Workshop for ICT KPs / Mentors @ Canberra Primary School (Future School)

c.       Proposed Webinars on 1-to-1 computing possibly jointly hosted by Wellington PS and ETD

d.      Proposed Learning Journey to another Context (e.g. Industry, etc) - possibly working with IDA, possible venues Razer, Thomson-Reuters, SUTD, IBM, bank, MBS, ITE, etc.



Yo all!!! Hello from Canberra Sec Sch!

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Hi folks. THIS is the video that ultimately changed my teaching approach and brought into question my archaic belief in effective teaching. Please watch this video and I hope it will convince you as well. Cheers.

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Feel free to browse around our current NPGCC site. We will be migrating to a new site soon. Do watch out for it! We also welcome any feedback and queries.

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My personal take on the use of tech in teaching. We should be using the right words when trying to convince people in getting them to use ICT in teaching. Any thoughts?

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Xiaomi having a sale of their 1S and Note on 5 August 2014 at 12 noon. Cheap, cheap, cheap!
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