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Disclaimer: Minecraft was made by Markus Notch Persson.

This is a remake of a comic I made when I was in kindergarten. Me and 5 others are currently remaking it. It has not been edited yet, I'm planning on doing that when it's finished.

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Part 1: Spawner
The caves were damp, cold, and especially dark, a perfect place for mobs to come creeping up on Dustyn right in the middle of her exploration. She sighed softly, her long blonde hair falling back over the left side of her face, into her field of sight.
“What’s with the sigh?” A soft male voice rang through her headset she wore. Dustyn hadn’t forgotten about her two friends. She was just idle on the radio for awhile. No biggie.
“I’m just not finding anything Ashtyn.” Dustyn said.
“Well, keep looking!” A now sharper male said through the headsets, determination icing his words. She smiled softly, scanning the stone walls of the cave once more. Ashtyn was what Dustyn called the ‘Child’ of the group. A small, partly asian boy, with short, straightened oak brown hair, and almond eyes. He always, and I will say this again, always wore a blue plaid shirt, with their sleeves cuffed. Now Declan on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He was the tallest of the three, brown eyes and short, dark brown hair. He wore his red long sleeve accompanied by camo shorts. He was the ‘Cool kid’ as Dustyn called him.

And Dustyn, was to herself, the ‘Outgoing one’. She had long, ash blonde hair. Her eyes were a sapphire blue, and she always wore short sleeves and long pants. Dustyn was sensitive, and had a knack for crying at just about anything sad.

But to finish the little ‘Squad’, they all wore matching headsets to always keep in touch.
She sighed once more, and headed out of the cave. There was not a single ore hidden in this cave, for Dustyn had looked everywhere.
“Ok, this cave is a bust. I’m heading back out!” She exclaimed, as she reached their sunlit house, built of brick and wood. The house they made was huge, reaching halfway through the valley. Which was a very, VERY large valley!

There was 11 rooms and one floor. There were three bedrooms, each bedroom held a king-size bed, and a bathroom branching off from them. On top of that, the living room was huge, and the kitchen and dining room even larger.

Dustyn shuffled outside into the bright sunlight. She breathed in, soaking in the beauty of the outdoors. There was a large, dark oak tree standing tall smack dab in the middle of the valley. Ashtyn had named it after the ancient tree of life, Yggdrasill. The valley was full of animals. Including a full herd of horses.
"Guys," Declan said, "I found another spawner."
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