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Modi Kitchen Cabinet and Oscar and Moily Kitchens!

PM Modi’s ministry looks so huge, still Modi have his own kitchen cabinet; there only Amit Shah and RSS chief allowed.
Same situation in Congress also there; Sonia Gandhi had one Kitchen cabinet; several no vote base leaders also got prominence there. One of them is Oscar Fernandes. In Tulu Nadu his wife Blossom also unwanted guest in all Congress meetings. Yes, she was invited or not she directly take the seat here; because, she is the original kitchen cabinet of Sonia Gandhi.
Rajiv Gandhi has his youth brigade; but they are all elected; in Sonia kitchen cabinet also some elected members are there. In PM Modi’s kitchen cabinet there have some big business shadows also there.
Veerappa Moily elected MP from Karnataka, he a trishanku or hanging cabinet member in between Rahul and Sonia.
Oscar and Moily team already destroyed Congress party in the coastal region of Karnataka. Their thoughts are simple, if Congress in power gain in several ways, if BJP in power, gain something with them with understandings.
These type people have no vote bases, but they have mafia understandings in all sections.
PM Modi’s propaganda face is in dwindling in the nation; now Oscar type people are busy, to loot opportunities. Fourth times Oscar got Rajya Sabha membership.
When Bangarappa was powerful, this Congress gang had conspiracy against him. Whoever gut fully do work for needy, the feudal leaders sideline them. Bangarappa was sidelined by Congress mafia, mainly Moily and Oscar and gang type leaders.
Then Janradhana Poojary gut fully started did work for poor, immediately this gang within the party defeated Poojary several times. Smile in front and betray in the back the weapon used by Oscar and Moily team, they got power in the name of down trodden and service lend for rich and upper caste.
Now the gut fully servicing MLA is Vasantha Bangera; these people sidelined him, and false faced Shakuntala Shetty type got the chair. If Vasantha Bangera made minister, his work for poor, feudal Congress heads don’t tolerate it.
In all parties upper caste people’s grip tied with mafia and feudal, they won’t allow downtrodden people serve for poor community. So they choose feudal serving SC, ST, BC’s and sideline one who heart fully serving them.
The new Karnataka ministry there was no Kimmane Ratnakara type simple person; there is no Satish Jarkiholi type rationalist member and rich representative increased.
In Tulu Nadu Biruva the huge community, but Oscar and Moily gang tactfully sidelined them; same time BJP and sanghi used Biruva youth and made Bellary Jail residents. (PJ)

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