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Name: Isaela Niridama
Power: Controls light
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Forest green
Skin: Pale
Personality: Well educated, sometimes arrogant, but always polite. Has a short temper.
Strengths: A master of polite insults and putting people down, smart
Weaknesses: Often underestimates people, sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her, always afraid of failure and of the dark
Likes: Fire, knowledge,
Dislikes: Stupid people, dirt, darkness
Other: The oldest child in a very rich family, she is expected to be the perfect example to her younger siblings, and to be the best at anything she does. While she has become very good at some things, she lives in fear of failing at others.
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Name: Jane Cui
Gender: Female
Side: Other
Power: Fear and pain (this good?)
Weapon: Syche, staff, needles dipped in special liquids, throwing knives, shruiken stars etc...
Age: 13
Height: 5'0
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark brown, sometimes turns red
Skin: tan
Personality: short temper, nice when you get to know her, will get revenge, forgiving, odd
Strengths: fighting, knowing facts, arguing
Weaknesses: working under pressure, is hesitant to us eher power unless it's a little, physical strength
Likes: reading, making friends
Dislikes: jerks, being judged
Others: Her parents were part of the dark side but she couldn't join, yet she didn't want to be part of the side of good so she didn't choose. Her parents were killed by those who are good but she holds no ill feelings to them because they were simply protecting themselves. (I will add more as I go along)

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Do you guys want me to redo my character sheet since it was deleted?

Name: Carmen Song
Gender: Female
Side: Other
Power: Four Elements
Age: 13
Weapon: Throwing stars, invisible blades, lava
Appearance: Is teaching myself how to shapeshift. So far my hair can be brown, green, crimson, or periwinkle, any style and length, and my skin can be any human shade. I can be between the heights of 6'5 and 4'3.
Stengths: Nature
Weaknesses: Technology
Bio: My older sister, Lin, wanted to make the world at peace, getting rid of both the Goddess and the dark sides. She told me that the majority would drop what passion they had for their side and agree to her, but that some needed destroying. Her powers were the opposite of mine. She was one day lured into a trap by people from one of the sides (I never knew which) and was killed. I attempt to live the rest of her dream. Thats why I am so young and already fighting over the necklace.

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Hi i'm Elizabeth

name: Sattilla Syvyar
side: dark
age: has forgot
power: acid and poison
weapon: poisoned needles and small throwing knives
appearance: misty brown hair, pale face, gray eyes, slender and slim
weakness: physical strength, close combat

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Name: Sauvi
Gender: Female
Side: Dark
Power: Lightning
Weapon: Axe
Age: 15
Height: 5"7'
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tanned
Personality: Sweet, stubborn, INTP (google it)
Strengths: (Don't feel like thinking any up)
Weaknesses: Loyalty, stubbornness 
Likes: Mangos, sushi, ferrets, storms
Dislikes: Pink, Alaska, and some other things
Others: Has pet ferret named Bandit, loves reading writing drawing, fav. color is black, disowned by family

Name: Elyzabeth (Lyz)
Gender: Girl
Side: Dark
Power: Human
Weapon: A dagger
Age: 16
Height: 5"6
Hair: Dirty blonde, long and wavy, a dark blue streak
Eyes: A blue the same color as the sky (think Daughter of Zues eyes)
Skin: A pale skin tone
Personality: Stubborn, fiesty, angered too easily, couragous, loud
Strengths: Speed, lying
Weaknesses: Stealth, long distance anything
Likes: dark clothing, talking, annoying everybody and anybody, gum
Dislikes: neon colors, people who are rude and get whatever they want
Other: Nothing really.

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