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Yeah, I might make a MUGEN mod! Here are the characters that are currently in it:
Godzilla (obviously)
King Kong
Sauron (Primal Rage)
Diablo (Primal Rage)
More Characters Coming Soon.

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Name: Godzilla 2003 -- 2000
Nickname: Gojira
Age: Unknown
Gender: M
Sexuality: S
Powers/Abilities: Atomic Breathe, Nuclear Pulse Attack, Heat atomic Breathe, Spiral Death Beam, Nuclear Pulse Wave, Nuclear Pulse Shockwave, Regeneration, Healing, Power Upgrade
Forms: Super, Hyper, Heritage, BlackHole, Neo/Cosmic
Forms Powers: Super Spiral Death beam, Omega Spiral Death beam, Hyper Spiral Death Beam, Super Nuclear Pulse Attack, Hyper Spiral Death Beam, Tail Kai Blast, Chest Beam, Super Beam, BlackHole Chest Beam, BlackHole Atomic Death Beam, BlackHole Kai Blast, BlackHole Super Pulse Attack, BlackHole Super Pulse Shockwave, Neo Atomic Death Beam, Neo Lazer Eye, Neo Nuclear pulse attack, Neo nuclear pulse Shockwave
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