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Welcome to JJBA RP!!!
You don't know what Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is? Then watch/read it!
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Anyone wanna RP?

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This is sorta unrelated, but I've made a music RP/game community, comment if interested.

This isn't related to this RP, but if made a music based RP, would anyone be interested?

(( +Chariot Requiem , open to anyone really))

In New York City, there's been a string of murders. However these murders weren't normal, they were very... bizarre. To make things worse, there hasn't been a single trace of the murderer. The streets of the city slowly became more and more quiet. You arrived here on vacation, not knowing anything about the murders. On an errand you bump into a pale young man.

((yeah best I can think/write right now))

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It's bout time we get things up and running here! Post some OCs and Stands! Share this place with as many people as possible! Roleplay with a bunch of people! And get boners from Mona Lisa- wait wait don't do that unless you're Kira.
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Name: Hit Parade

Age: 16

Race: Human

Appearance: He's very pale, has very messy black and blue hair, dark green eyes, a black hoodie with a cat on it, slightly torn up jeans and blue shoes.

Nationality: American

Friends: None

Relationship: Single

Hit could never speak. Not a single word. His vocal cords weren't properly formed, making them useless. He was bullied a lot in school because this, then he eventually dropped out and shut himself off of society. He does leave his home sometimes, but if someone talked to him he would either ignore them or write his response on his phone and show it the them. One day a man broke into his house and stabbed him with the arrow. Surprisingly he survived and received his stand Simple and Clean. In shock the man ran away from him. That didn't really change his life... except it made it a bit more convenient.

Stand name: Simple and Clean (S&C)

Stand appearance:
It appears to be a humanoid stand with a large lock on it's chest. Chains are wrapped around it's arms and legs that lead to the lock. It has purple skin under the chains and has some kind of Visor in place of eyes.

Stand ability:
S&C can store up to 100 things within itself and keep track of everything. It can only pull out one item at a time and only when the user wants it the most. The amount of items in S&C effects the Durability. It can also attack in a threat is in it's range.

Power - B
Speed - C
Range - D
Durability - Varies
Precision - D
Potential - C

((I was tired when I wrote this. I might go back and edit))

+Katkat​ Rp?

I mean, rp?

Name: David Gilmour
Age: 17
Race: Human
Appearance: pale skin, Black hair swept to the side, Black coat and pants, belt is white on one side, multicolored on the other, with a triangular white buckel. His jacket has a pound sign (£) on one shoulder and a clock face on the other, with clouds on the back. He has prism earrings and a a white t-shirt with the words "on the run" written in black.
Nationality: UK
Friends: None
Relationship: Single
David is a bit of a strange kid. His life isn't any flashier or more interesting than anyone else's, but he values it greatly. Sometimes he feels lost in all the questions of life, and can get existential.

Stand name: Dark Side of the Moon

Stand appearance: Stand is black, with a white triangle in the center of its chest. From the triange streatches a multicolored band that wraps around the stand, slowly turning white, until it reaches the triangle again.

Stand ability:Dark Side can split any object into differently colored versions of itself, and can do this for as many colors exist. It can do this to stands, which confuses the user, unless they can control multiple instances of their stand effectively, and can split people, which confuses them.

When something is split, portions of the object of a certain color won't exist in the opposite color version. For example, if something had green portions. They wouldn't be there in the red version of the object.

When David is stabbed with a stand arrow, he gains the ability Eclipse, which allows him to split a person's soul. As souls are invisable, they have no color, and therefore the diferent versions dissapear, effectively destroying their soul.

Power - B
Speed - C
Range - D
Durability - C
Precision - C
Potential - B

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