Как убрать ввод пинкода приотправке биткоинов?

I have two phones. One is a galaxy s6 and the other is a galaxy s7. I installed the wallet app on the s6 before and used the account to buy and send btc's. Now I'm wondering with the s7, the new phone, is there any way to send or transfer all my btc from the old wallet from s6 to s7?

HI, Like may others probably thought i would reinstall Bitcoin wallet and restore my wallet. the .dat file i had saved in a safe place is this. "bitcoin-wallet-keys-2013-12-04.dat"

With the email Test as such

The attached encrypted file contains Bitcoin private keys and should be kept safe at all times. Don't forget the encryption password!

I have the .dat file, have the password and the 18 words whatever they are for?

I attempted to restore this and the the password is not excepted.
What am i doing wrong?

How to see the private key of my account for temporarily import my mBTC somewhere else and reset the app? (blocked since 09 sept 2016 because of several multi-account payments received)?

I wann to sent 0.01 btc and Got 0.0208 in my wallet and is still says i need 0.004 btc more for the Fee? Why IT is so expensive? Thats More than 100%

I have 3 incoming payments although I can,t send any bitcoin

i just try a little transaction BTC 0,001and in bitcoin wallet, the fee calculated was 0,0029... amazing,!
Transaction is here https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/tx/e6c030fe8b02b11e62cf702b03453bbdb653af42f138f63a4d85a51a4428ea2b
can somebody explain me why it is so expensive ( fee 3x of the amount ) ? Thank's for your reply. Julien. 

What is the least amount to send

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Hi, I have been using the wallet in the past and did the backup of addresses. Recently, phone got formated and I reinstalled and restore the backup of addresses.

Now , it's saying syncing with network, 8 months behind and the data folder is getting increased.

Let me know, how can I keep the size of data folder low.

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I'm using version 4.69, opened for the first time in two weeks and shows no transaction history and no balance. I've used the app hundreds of times, never experienced this. Anyone ever encountered this?
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