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I have generated a custom Bitcoin Address using Vanitygen and have its respective private keys. How could I import them into Bitcoin Wallet so that I can receive funds to my custom address?

Hi I've just opened a bitcoin wallet and I've no idea where to start?
I can probably get the coins from an another website platform or whatever but as for backup etc I've no idea.
Anyone got time to put it to me quick and simple?
I'd be grateful to anyone.
Thank you people, and have a good day.

Hoping someone can help me... in my wallet under "my addresses" theres.liken5 addresses... what are they?

Can someone please help me? This wallet had a error and only half of my bitcoin returned. .How to recover all? ???

Hi! Is there a way to add my wallet address to a portfolio tracker? I mean, is there a main wallet address (a public one) that store all the wallet transaction?

How does the multiple address thing work in Bitcoin Wallet? If the "address gets changed once it receives a payment" then why do all previous addresses stay in in the address book if they are no longer functional? If I wanted to add a Bitcoin Donation option to my website, will I have to change the address people have to send to every time someone donates?

How does backing up a wallet work? If I back up my wallet and restore it on another device how does the system know that the previous device is still active and my Bitcoins won't double?

Any one know about the latest bitcoin wallet

How can I make more money by use bitcoins
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