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Hey guys. U guys like reading right? .well on my blog im writing a suspense / thriller ebook and am three chapters in so far...its called The Kidnapping.. so please let me know what u is the reddit link!

"Above, another blue day, (upstairs) the room papered with green-capped-pink-faced dogs, and the button drawer, only apparitions move to perfection, there!  Pray the Lord to keep you from lying, there, O spectral stabat mater may I go out and play the violin outside to the town wearing its sinside inside and not a soul in sight.  Church bells inspissated the air, dropping it  in sharp fragments.  He sat down in his place at the table, excused by the falling weights of the bells, and motionless when they had done.  There, old vicary, congratulate my refuge, the saneside outside sheltering the insane inside: to present the static sane side outside to another outside saneside, to be esteemed for that outsane side while all the while the insaneside attacks your outsane side as though we weren't both playing the same game, and gone down Summer Street (singing unchristian songs) the inane sinside, pocketing a cool million wearing the shoutside outside and the doubtside inside, the vileside inside and the violinside outside skipping dancing and foretelling things to come all ye faithful, or thine own give we back to thee."

The Recognitions by William Gaddis

I want to paste this on the center of the sky, lie down in a breeze caressed meadow beneath it, and stare moonily at this quotation for five-or-so is that fantastic to me.

Hey, just joined the community, seemed like a good place to start.  I am currently reading:

1. Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon\
2. The Recognitions by William Gaddis
3. Engineers of Victory by Paul Kennedy

How do you folks read your books usually ?

- Kindle ?
- Paper books ?
- Tablet ?

I'm part way through Hutchins' Mortality and I have Le Carrie's Tinker, tailor, soldier, spite lined up. Where should I go after that?

Hi folks.

I need two people who can step up to be moderators on this community, preferably people who are active on Google+. There's not much work to do besides keeping spam out and making sure legitimate posts don't get caught in the spam filter.

If you're interested, leave a comment.

Currently reading: 'A Game of Thrones', 'Freedom' by Jonathan Franzen, and 'The Price of Politics' by Bob Woodward

I've been reading 1Q84 for a while now. I'm almost done, but this semester has slowed my roll to a crawl.

Just finished reading "Age of Miracles."  It was very good, and a quick read.

Currently reading The Status Seekers by Vance Packard.
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