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The #IFBC - #BritishBlueCross Society is a volunteer-led humanitarian agency that speaks out and campaigns on behalf of people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We also focus our actions on local issues of concern that are currently effecting people in our own local communities, and increase the voice of all in our communities especially those most marginalised in the local policy and planning processes. We engage local people especially those who feel excluded, so they can build self-confidence, skills and expertise, motivation, and be empowered to speak up, create campaigns and forums, agree on collective actions, and create opportunities for effective engagement with local authority service providers, and seek to influence those local authority service providers and decision makers, and future policy and planning.

We are part of the International Blue Cross and Blue Crescent movement, and implement the mission themed programs and campaigns of the International Committee of the Blue Cross and Blue Crescent. We are the national delegation representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain on the International Conference of the Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement (ICBCM). We are working towards full consultative status as part of the International Federation Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Societies (IFBC), and organise the humanitarian activities of the British Blue Cross Society under the direction of the IFBC European Blue Cross Societies regional directorate.
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