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R22 Freon Production Ban Timeline 2016. The graphic below depicts how much longer R22 Freon has left. If you don't replace that old equipment you will want to repair any Freon leaks you have. Shortages may be right around the corner.

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The Best Air Conditioning Brands
An air conditioning brand is another term for make or manufacturer. Like who made the box. All air conditioning brands are made by roughly 6 or 7 different manufacturers of HVAC systems. None of these HVAC manufacturer's will come to your home to fix or perform an AC repair, installation or maintenance in Katy, Texas you will rely on your licensed HVAC contractor for those air conditioning services.
So you would think that there would only be 6 different kinds of HVAC units. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you are an older home owner  or air conditioning aware consumer you may be familiar with a few major name HVAC brands like Carrier, Lennox, Trane, Goodman, Ruud or York.
Like everything else, time changes things. These aforementioned brands have all changed over the past several years, just as they did decades ago. This time it's quite different though due to the phase out and eventual production banning of the coolant that runs thru older air conditioners that is known as R22 Freon.
This blog article is important for a few reasons. It highlights the critical role that your installing HVAC contractor plays, and why it's so important who you choose to actually do the work and replace your HVAC system and why for the most part a brand name does very little these days.
To try to help you understand this Air Conditioning choice challenge, consider that I work on and fix air conditioning systems for a living. I do this part of the job more than any other during the summer months. I can tell you with a straight face that all brands of air conditioning and heating systems break down there is no brand or model for that matter less prone to breakage and it's even worse if the system isn't installed properly. The HVAC profession is highly technical and labor intensive, newer systems come to market at an ever faster pace all with different levels of technical skills needed to work on or repair them.
Certain manufacturer's that I won't name specifically don't make this easy. They want a HVAC contractor to only sell the products they make, even if most of these choices are junk compared to other brands (most of this is opinion, but when I have HVAC equipment failure rates at less than 3%, I'd call my opinion to be much better than average).
Every manufactured air conditioning brand out there makes junk (certain models), which is yet another reason why your installing HVAC contractor plays such a vital role in your home comfort. Who are you going to use to replace your HVAC system? A salesman or a licensed HVAC contractor who actually works on and repairs air conditioners for a living? A salesman is paid to sell, that is how they are paid. Do you see a problem with that?
There are at least a dozen calls I run every year in which I am called to a home to work on a broken air conditioner that wasn't installed by me that is less than 3 years old. During 2015 I ran a few calls in which the air conditioning systems were just over a year old.
Now why did these people call me to repair the air conditioner that I didn't install? All of them claimed they got a really good deal on the air conditioning install. A good deal and your air conditioner is broken a year or 3 later? Do you see a problem with that?
I can tell you if I installed air conditioners and had to go back to each and every one I installed a year later I wouldn't be writing this blog article right now... I might not even be in business any more. As of March 2016 my trouble rate on equipment I install myself is less than 3 out of every 100 pieces of equipment I install. This number includes maintenance call backs. National average is around 30% for most  HVAC companies. My competitors (most of them) can't beat me on quality. There is only one Ray Austin, simply put. You either like that or you don't but I'm in business to give my customers the best experience possible when it comes to HVAC comfort options for their home. Isn't this what it's all about? Do you want less than this?
I track these numbers, it's what any "good" HVAC contractor would do. You can't run a tight ship and not do it. So why am I writing this blog article when I could pay someone else to just ramble on about how great my service is?
All hands on deck. My hands. You (the customer) will not find a better HVAC contractor (in my opinion). The experience. Only I can tell you what experience I have and what I have seen in person. No one else can tell you that. When you call me, you talk to me. Words from another mouth are hard to track and hard to trust aren't they?
Anyone can say anything, so obviously there has to be some trust there right?  
If you can't or won't trust your HVAC contractor to direct your path (me hopefully) then what are your options? Gimmick chasing?
An air conditioning system is a 15 year appliance. (National Average) But if ANY air conditioning brand isn't installed properly or certain models of various brands are installed costly problems will likely follow soon after. These problems often come when using those with less experience in the specialty market of residential HVAC systems. I have built my career around this market. Find your way to my youtube channel if you need more proof. Watch my videos on what I pay for utilities at my own home. There are several years worth of these kinds of videos there. I know as much as anyone that talk is cheap these days.
Price shouldn't be your only concern. If you're spending thousands of dollars for new air conditioning equipment you would expect to not have to repair it a year or two or three later or worse. This is the role I play to the best of my ability. My current records of less than 3 units per 100 AC units installed clearly shows nothing is absolutely perfect, but because I have the ability to fix and repair air conditioning and heating systems puts you in the most capable of hands.
Thank you for visiting with me today. I post these things here to help you, even if you choose not to use my services. Many people across the country view these pages and are unable to use my services because they don't live close enough to my Katy, Texas AC service area. There are hints among these words as to what you can do and how you should go about selecting your HVAC contractor if this is the case.
About the author of this blog:
My name is Ray Austin. I am the owner and operator of Austin Air Companie, a HVAC Service Company serving Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas | Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor with over 20 years experience in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. I hold an AOS degree in HVAC/R, EPA universally certified to handle any refrigerant and NATE certified in HVAC installations and repairs.
Austin Air Companie
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2015 was a very hot summer. So far winter this year has been only mild. History shows when the Katy, Texas area has a mild winter, the summer is especially hot.

You don't want to suffer thru another hot summer like 2015 with an air conditioner that is constantly giving you trouble. It will pay you dividends to plan accordingly for 2016 and get that AC inspected by a seasoned pro like me. 832.475.6895

For more information:

Happy New Year!

If the Freon production drop isn't enough to contend with this year the EPA is also increasing mandatory air conditioning efficiency increases to 14 SEER in the southern belt as of January 1, 2015.

The good news is that this mandatory efficiency increase will pay you back in lower utility bills over time provided that the system is installed properly. 

If this confuses you don't sweat it... just give us a call to set your appointment we're on top of it. 832.475.6895


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Do have rooms that are too hot or too cold no matter what you do?

This might help you out...
Austin Air Companie
Austin Air Companie

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R22 Freon ban is entering a new drop down in production as of January 1, 2015.
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Currently there is NO approved drop in replacement for R22 Freon when used in a High Temp Application such as Residential & Light Commercial air conditioning.

R410a is the replacement refrigerant, but requires equipment replacement to switch over to it.

Prices are expected to go up substantially. For a more in depth look at this you can visit my website to read text and view videos on this subject as it has unfolded since 2009 when I started documenting it.

I am a Texas Licensed HVAC contractor serving the far west side of Houston, Texas which includes all of Katy, Texas Cypress, Texas & Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas.
#Katy Tx AC Repair
#Cypress Tx AC Repair

I am starting this community as an information portal or branch from my existing avenues.

Because this topic effects everyone and is a very broad subject there is always a lot to talk about when it comes to Air Conditioning. Whether it be finding some one to fix it, make changes to it, or redesign a system for better efficiency, comfort and safety.
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