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Commemorative medal of the Second Portuguese - Brasilian Games (1963) for sale on kollectbox

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We would love to tell your story in our blog! What was your first stamp, coin and banknote? How did you feel?
Go to and get to know other stories! 

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A new entry to my blog: The Coin Collector from South América

What's the best strategy to bring youngster to stamp collecting?

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Are you a stamp, coin or a banknote dealer? Be the first in a new exciting marketplace for collectors! 
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In a couple of days we'll be releasing final beta, with new exciting features.
Are you a stamp or a coin collector? Are you a stamp or a coin dealer? 
Great!! Go to, register and receive your invitation code!

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Get your invitation code!!
We have already released private beta version.
Subscribe at if you wish to be part of this small group.
Help us build a tool that you want and you'll use
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Si vous etes comme moi un passionné ou une passionnée de collection de lettres anciennes, de vieux documents, d'anciens livres, et de timbres, vous pouvez rejoindre cette communauté, meme juste pour un partage de sourire !!
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