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Welcome. If you haven't read the about this community section yet, please do so now. I shall explain myself further. Here are my 4 countries.

Name: Italy (Italia)
Age: ? (this really is useless for me)
Gender: Female
Personality: Curious, stubborn, strong, kind, can strike out instantly with deadly force if is forced to, thoughtful.
Appearance: (2 images below, just try to find the ones that match the description) Long brown hair that turns blonde in strong sunlight or when is mad, eyes change color from brown, silver, blue, and green.
Blue= Sad, solemn, sorrowful
Green= Healthy, full of energy
Brown= Calm, happy
Silver= Annoyed, irritated, mad
(also) Flashing red to black= In danger, low health, dying, etc.
Enjoys wearing skirts, anything her color.
Bio: I became Italy after many countries threw me out, told me I was useless. They thought I acted too nice to be a country, or anyone of that matter, so they denied me. I was exiled from my former area after I killed a ruler, and I thought I was a nobody. They told me to act strong. I did. They told me to leave. It wasn't fair. Later, my unfamiliar language, which was ancient and unknown by many, became known as Italian. After proving myself worthy, I became Italy, after my name. I'm now a proud country.
Allies: Russia, Germany, Norway.

Second profile

Name: Russia
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Appearance: (find the image that matches, P.S. Her hair isn't that short)
Dark red hair that becomes gray with silver highlights when mad, eyes change color from Red, flashing silver and red, blue, and black.
Blue= sad
Red= Furious
Flashing silver/blue= hurt, damaged, dying, wounded, etc
black= Deep hatred and rage
Has a star across one eye. (Also has a russian accent)
Personality: Raged, easily irritated, powerful, strong, full of strength, short-tempered, large.
Bio: I was raised to be a ruler. A dictator, my father said. I didn't want to be that way. After my father became dictator of his own country, he killed millions of innocent people that just weren't his kind. He didn't have a grudge on them or anything, he just killed... to kill. I finally took a stand, and killed my father to stop the madness and torture. I'm sure I saved thousands of innocent civilians in the process. Now, I rule my own country- Russia.
Allies: Italy, Germany, Norway.

Third profle
(I'm sorry about my long profiles)
Name: Germany
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Find male images) Black hair, tall, has sword, eyes change color from Red, black, silver, blue, and green.
Red= Furious
Black=deep hatred, enraged
Blue= sad
Green= Casual, calm.
wears black outfit.
Personality: Stubborn, short-tempered, furious, powerful, strong, is rarely kind to anyone, mostly because of his past and his distrust on anyone.
Bio: I was raised to be a killing machine,. and I used to be one. As a child, I killed thousands of people on my dad's order. I finally turned on him, and killed him leaving no trace. I don't wish to speak of my past, but now, I rule a country named Germany.
Allies: Italy, Russia, Norway.

Fourth profile

Name: Norway
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, filled with boredom sometimes, dull, Stubborn, can strike with deadly force if necessary, strong, graceful, beautiful. Shy. Suicidal at times. Sad, alone.
Appearance: (last photo i haven't mentioned) Wears two blue feathers that hang from hair/side of face, long silver hair, white dress, eyes change color from blue, white, dark red, and flashing red and white.
Blue= Sad or calm
White= Calm or Deep in thought
Dark red= Mad
Flashing red/white= In need of assistance, dying, hurt, wounded, etc.
Bio: My parents treated me like trash. Everyone did. I didn't know what to do, I had no friends. Each time I approached someone to try and make friends, they just said 'Did you fall in some snow? Oh, no, that's just your ugly hair.' Every time. When I mumbled to myself or drew about my dreams, to be leader of a country, everyone walked up, ripped the paper in half, and told me that was impossible for a sad girl like me. I made several attempts to end my life at school in the restroom, every time, I was stopped. 'Just leave me be!' I always shouted. Little did those schoolgirls know, I would reach my dreams. I became ruler of my own Country- Norway. Those girls soon fell to my demands.
Allies: Italy, Germany, Russia.

Haha, sorry about all of my profiles. Finally, below are extra rules if necessary.

Also, here are the country signups. Tell me if you're not here.

Italy Taken by me
Germany Taken by me
Norway Taken by me
Russia Taken by me
Canada Taken by +Riu the vulpix And Lilu the mew
Japan Taken by +kafei the timelord Mewtwo
Ohio (ik it's a state but I'll let it slide) taken by +Trainer Kenyon


Welcome. This is the countries' shop. Here, you use money you earned from selling goods, etc. to buy supplies for your country. Here's the shop items.

Food: $50 for a week's supply
Armies: $1000 for 60 Army people
Armies: $200,000 for 5000 Army people
Armies: $100,000 for 2000 Army people
Water: $70 for a week's supply
Seed (plants/trees): $20 for 20
Seed (crops): $40 for 30
Healing potion: $1000
Revival potion: $300,000
Nuclear Bomb: $700,000
Jet/Fighter Planes: $500,000
Submarine: $300,000
Bandages: $70 for 300
Hire Doctors/Nurses: $100 for 3
Hire Technicians: $100 for 3
Hire Vets: $120 for 4
Hire Drivers: $150 for 5
Cars: $100,000 for 3
Swords: $50 each
Knives: $30 each
Rifles: $50 each
Shotguns/Sniper rifles: $70 each
Phones: $400 each
Guards: $1000 for 20
Clothes: $30 each
Building supplies: $700 for a house's supplies, $1000 for mansions
Guns: $40 each
Other building supplies for items: $100

Rules for shop:
You must have the money. To earn money here, you must sell supplies or win prizes from competitions or wars.
You must prove to me you earned the money. You could screenshot it and show it to me with a treaty if it's a war prize. Also, I'll know if you sell supplies since you should sell it to me.

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Norway walks through the city, examining things

Name: terra
Age: 20
Gender: female

I here waiting to see someone
Kenyon:my ultimate goal be friend with everyone and world piece

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Name: S. Korea
Age: 17
Likes: Peace, US
Dislikes: North Korea, Russia (No offense to both of these two)

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I'm new and I'm a girl but Afghanistan has had only men rule so far so bear with me.

Name: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Age: I am an ancient age of 2000+. Mesopatamia and those Aryans and Arabs were my start
Gender: Male
Personality: Hard Headed, Brave, Patient (dealt with too many conflicts to flinch), honor based, stubborn, kind, welcoming, skillful at war and taking out people (remember Alexander and the British?), wise in geography, melting pot of central and south Asian cultures, traditional, a stickler with grades (he wants his peers to excel), has a love for cats,
Appearance: Black hair of the Arabs but with blonde streaks of the aryans, Very Toned body from wars, sometimes the coat of arms is seen in the eyes, Large Brown eyes with a glow, multiple scars on his chest and arms from trying to kick out empires, always a serious look on his face but smiling when welcoming guests, Has an Ak - 47 always on his back and a shamsher (sword in Dari) on his right hip. He dons a higher class paran tumban style and a pakol on his head (this hat is Afghanistan's trademark hat) even though it is not as high class as the turban, he also wears a wasca fur vest from Kabul,
Enjoys: Cats!, riding on horse and camel back, loves the sport of buzkashi (PETA would hate this game), futbol, sometimes a good game of cricket, chai, munching on naan, getting the country back in place after war, going out to the farm fields with his afghan hound, singing, Ahmad Zahir (most famous Afghan singer of all time), hookah/shishah,
Hates: Communism, Russia (we kicked em out of the country with them taking in a big loss, we hurt them bad), terrorism, when the US spreads the wrong messages in ads, Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS,
Bio: ya, not many really understand me and are too afraid... a lot think I'm an Al Qaeda lover. I hate those stupid terrorists and just want to return to my prime before all this crap started. The US always tells me what to do and I don't like that anymore. My cousin Iran hates us in a way and scares us with its nuclear program. My father, Mesopatamia, would have probably gave me wonderful advice and my mother would have given me some strength and morale. My father died and then they killed my mother. I also went through a phase where Mesopatamian gods was the big thing, then it went to Zoroastrianism, and then bhuddism made a big hit in Afghanistan (especially bamiyan with its statues), then Islam made a huge deal and became our main religion. There was also some people who came in and got kicked out (Alexander the great, Genghis Khan, Britian, Russia, Taliban/Al Qaeda, just to name a few). I think I was too harsh on their militaries.... The US came in at the wrong time and it was too late when they decided to fight. Languages was also weird, I have so many cultures and languages include ; Dari, Pashto, Beluchi, Uzbek, Tajik, and other more tribal languages. The two main ones are Dari and Pashto. On the inside, I always changed my leadership from Timur Shah to Ahmed Zahir shah to Najibullah to Ashraf Ghani, I think communism ruined it all.... My best years ended with the Najibullah Marxist leadership. I am now gaining balance with the US and hope to go back to peace.
Allies: US,
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I can ally with chu
Im russia, i dont like u

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You glance over your territory and see a girl standing at a cliff. You recognize her as Norway, and slowly walk forward. Yet as you try to get closer, you see Norway stand tall and jump off the cliff into the waters below. You run to the edge, and see Norway lying in the deep water below the cliff

if you read Norway's profile, it says she has a problem with suicidal thoughts

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(Haven't watched Hetalia but I plan to. It looks like a good anime x3)

Name: Canada.
Gender: Female.
Age: Possibly around fifteen or so..
Personality: Apologetic, (Hngg) Outgoing, And a little narcissistic.
Bio: I have no creativity at the moment.. Sorry..

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Italy walks around eating Gelato

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Here ya go
Bio:Boy who has a hearing aid plus a ninja he hasn't battled alout but is ready for battles any time
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