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New flag is up. Also, for those interested, I've made a second community: The Anti-Clopper Guild.


Damn bots are everywhere.

If it spams bait, ITS A BOT!

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Look at this shit.

The My Little Pony RULES community is being littered by these horrendous spam bot posts. The mods are doing nothing to stop it, they're just letting these disgusting fuckers in and letting them spam their garbage all they want. What I hate most of all, though, is that other people are dumb enough to support these posts by +1ing and commenting on them, which only helps and encourages these bots to continue spreading their garbage even further. Since I am not a mod in that community, you can see in the screenshots that these posts are muted, because all I could do was just report as many of these posts as spam as I possibly could. However, I just wish that the posts were actually deleted instead of just muted. I contacted one of the mods from that community to ask if there's anything he/she can do about this, but so far I have not gotten back a response.

I thought I was the only one who noticed this occurring at first, but now after finding this community here I've realized that there are other people who also understand and are on my side. I am highly proud to be a part of this! :)

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Guys i am not a brony

I am a normal MLP fan

And i hate them

I had banned ...88 bots and removed probably more than 500 videos from my community.

Whoever created these bots, either has lots of free time or just doesn't have a life... Just saying.

Oh I heard of them. I hate them. Because they destroy MLP. They're mostly made by YouTube EGT bots.

Cool community and you are right these videos need to die

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So the bots made a community. Didn't know bots could do that... Let's mass report them. On the off chance that it's not run by a bot, we'll still end up sending them a message. +1 this post after you report so we have a record of your report.
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