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Name:Marcus. James. Wolfthorn



Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Likes:cute girls, long walks, and working on cars

Dislikes: war,violence, and jerks


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Name: Muna
Gender: Female
Species: Jackal
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 26
Personality: Callous, insensitive, devious
Occupation: Bartender
Bio: Muna is a shady girl who runs the Trap Hole Bar on the outskirts of town. She is known to be very rude and uncaring to those she meets. Her main hobby is concocting new drinks to test on whoever slumps into her bar. Muna is rather apathetic to her customers, she doesn't stop them from drinking too much during their sob stories just as long as they pay up. Despite her very sketchy reputation her, the Trap Hole Bar is very popular and is quite crowded nearly every day. Nobody knows how she gets the place filled up all the time, but some say it has something to do with whatever she puts in the drinks...

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(Idk where to put this)
(Females only, males can rp if they want idk)

(Also i'm a guy)

(Please be descriptive no text talk)

we have been best friends over 16 years and we are now both 22 years old, we would always be together, always hangout and much more, one day you invited me to your house to hangout and watch movies, we were both having a fun time until you

You: "Boop!" as you had touched my nose as you were upside down

Me: did you just boop my nose? i smile little and laugh

You: you had smiled and touched my nose again "boop"

Me: "boop" i did same to you as you smiled

You: you had smiled and asked can you stay over tonight? I don't want to be alone, can you protect your bestie friend? you had smiled cutely at me

Me: i smile and i said "i can't say no to that cute face"

You: you had blushed with a smile "thank you Hen Hen, if i ever wanted a boyfriend i want him to just be like you or maybe you you had blushed b-but i don't want a boyfriend soooo yeah... you had looked away then looked back at me and touched my nose "umm boop"

Me: i blushed and said "hey may i use your bathroom?"

You: Yeah of course you can Hen you had blushed and thought of something

Me: Alright give me one minute i went to the bathroom, and as i came back i was suprised

You: you were in your Underwear and shirt blushing laying upside down on the couch "y-you don't mind me sleeping like this right Henny hen

Me: i blushed bright N-Not at all, you look fantastic

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Kira Marie lillian davis
species: cheetah
age: 20
sexuality: straight
likes playing video games (wwe, minecarft,assasins creed)
dislikes zombies
heres a weird thing she also likes bowling shes a big fan of bowl (boys first date idea)

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Name: Blade

Age: 19

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 218

Gender: Male

Sexuality: STRAIGHT I am NOT intenterested in guys

Species: Wolf Sabertooth Tiger hybrid


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anybody wanna do a furry husband wife thing the husband is a soldier and hes comeing back from war for the 2 year annivesery
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Name: Jordan Legacy
Species: tiger
Age: 24
Sexuality: straight
Likes: a nice bottle of wine, hunting, riding in his squad car
Dislikes: bananas, high mattneice girls
Goes to a bar three times a week and drink four shots of grey goose.

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Cat neko
Likes rough men but not to rough
Dislikes BDSM

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