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Hello! My name is Inigo Montoy… wait a minute. That's a different community.
I'm Anthony. I can't wait to hear your ideas.

My purpose for this Community is to create a space which allows the authentic expression of meaningful solutions and challenges dogma with healthy discourse. Please review the various categories within this community.

I wanted a place where people could discuss politics but more importantly political solutions. We rarely focus on the solutions and when we do we don't highlight them with the emphasis and excitement they deserve. We roar when our favorite politico says our favorite catch phrases. What happens when the technician actually fixes something?
Something gets lost in translation.
Well, that's a political problem that needs solving!

I only ask that common sense respect be implemented. That means we can have a strong discussion about someone's stupid idea without calling the person stupid for having it.
If someone is truly fat-mouthed, poopy-faced, brainless bag of wind, please visit our Flame On! section.

With that in mind …
Let's discuss!

People make a big fuss out of President Trump bombing Syria , because Syria used chemicals on its own people. Syria has been killing its own for decades. What makes people think Syria wouldn't use those chemical weapons on us? Are people complaining simply because they don't like Trump? Whats happened to us?

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Our own +Heather Wallace shared this delightful tidbit! 

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My thoughts on the election
Come check me out ! I'm baaaaaack . Let's tell the government and country NO MORE 2 PARTY SYSTEM 

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I just signed this petition. The President should be elected by National Vote and NOT by a college of electors.
Electoral College - Problem
1 person 1 vote - Solution
This petition - Action Step!
Here's the website …

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