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Hi guys,

1) I've a doubt about the Ranger ability to cast spells starting from 9th level.
When I read the table 16 "Ranger Advancement Table" at page 21 of S&W Core, I see that a 11th Ranger, for example, can cast Clr 2 / MU 1 of 1st lvl spells and Clr 1/ MU 1 of 2nd lvl spells.
What does it mean? That every day the Ranger must choose between clerical spells or magic user spells or can cast both types? In the last example, 4 1st lvl spells and 2 2nd lvl spells?

2) Is it a typos or what when I read that a 1st lvl Ranger has 2 Hit Dice?!? O.o

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The Midderlands and Why You Should Jump On This Kickstarter
Hey folks! I'm writing today to share with you a Kickstarter that I want to see fund. I'm talking about "The Midderlands" campaign from +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) . Glynn recently gave me a preview copy of the book and let me tell you, this thing hits...

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Hello, I'm new here and new into the OSR rpg's aswell. I would like to try a role of GM, I'm sure that it'll be difficult, but I would like to know which modules would You advice me to try as a newcomer. I'm big fan of Soulsborne games, if it may be of help. 

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I think Light works best with a looser , less detailed campaign, but I've been wrong before ;)

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An excellent resource for your S&W game as its system neutral. Now your merchants can all be unique.
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