Looking for more players for a roll20 marchlands style game, lvl 1, in a home-brewed Karameikos. I post which days I'd be available to run each week and the players coordinate amongst themselves when they'd be able to raid the hill or answer mercenary job postings, whatever. Contact me for the discord link and roll20 link

Hi, I was wondering how people stat up monsters whose 'thing' is multiple attacks. Maybe an attack bonus? or just increased damage? I'm trying to stat up a carrion crawler.

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Desecrating another of Matt's Maps
Desecrating another of Matt's Maps

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The party get swallowed and see the universe unfold.
Session 6: The Demise of Slurm
Session 6: The Demise of Slurm

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I'm looking to sell my copy of the Brave Halfling S&W:WB boxed set. It's in excellent condition. Mildly used. It is missing a d4 and the bottom box (the one it came with) is not of the same quality as the box top, which is nice and sturdy. Take a look at the first photo to get a good idea. The seem is coming undone.

I'm asking for $55 US , which includes media mail shipping, although we can talk about better shipping if you're willing to pay the difference.

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Has anyone created a s&w wb cyberpunk game? You know like operation white box, white star etc? Cheers.

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I tried something new in the Monster Monday recipe today. Let me know what you think!

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Surprised this hasn't been posted here yet...
The Dragon's Secret, written for Swords & Wizardry Complete RPG rules (but should work with pretty much any d20 rules fantasy RPG) is my first published RPG adventure in 30 years, and it is now available for purchase on DriveThruRPG in both PDF and softcover print form.

The Dragon's Secret
A Lost Temple,
a Mythic Hoard,
and a Legendary Lie!

A fantastic Tapestry of Mysteries that are waiting to be solved by a party of 6-8 5th to 7th level Adventurers.

The Dragon’s Secret centers on a mystery from the past: villagers invited a gold dragon to bless and protect the region with her presence… for a little tribute… and a temple… and followers... and perhaps just a whole lot more tribute. When the dragon eventually went mad, she laid waste to the surrounding lands in a fiery rage, ending with her death at the hands of heroes. Except… they found almost none of her treasure. In time, people forgot the cathedral’s location, but the legend of her missing treasure still inspires seekers to keep looking.

This adventure, published in an abridged version in 2017 as part of a limited edition fundraiser featuring the work of TSR alumni, marks the return to tabletop game publishing of Hall of Fame designer and artist, Jennell Jaquays, the creator of enduring game settings such as the D&D adventures Dark Tower and Caverns of Thracia (Judges Guild), Griffin Mountain for Runequest (Chaosium), and M5 Talons of Night and FR5 The Savage Frontier for D&D (TSR, Inc.).

The self-contained adventure fits into any campaign setting and opens the first door to The Thousand Worlds, Jaquays' own game multiverse.

In addition to the adventure, the book includes “homebrew” rules variants for Swords & Wizardry, new monsters, and new playable character races for those not too shy to add a talking duck or an aardvark to their game world.


Hi everybody :)

I run a weekly online Swords and Wizardry Complete campaign and I’m looking for a new player. We would be looking for someone who can make most games, if they like the campaign of course.

The campaign has been running weekly for 23 months, and we’ve played almost every week - 90+ games! The party is a mix of level 6 and 7. A couple of the players came from another Swords and Wizardry campaign that went 52 games long and was set immediately before this campaign.

We run on Saturday (night-time GMT / afternoons, US time). It’s 7:15 PM in Ireland but that’s 1:15 PM in the afternoon in Dallas, and 2:15 PM New York. We have a mix of Irish and American players, but if the time suits you then thanks to the magic of the internet it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

The game is a set in the Lost Lands campaign world of Frog God Games but there is a lot of my favourite OSR and classic TSR modules in there too.

It is largely a sandbox game, with the party deciding what they want to do based on a multitude of options/hooks. Players get a lot of free agency but their characters are far from the scariest thing in the world, player character death is not rare, and running away is often the sensible thing to do.

Swords & Wizardry Complete is 70s D&D rules with the some extra material from the early supplements and Dragon magazine - eg Druids, Rangers, Paladins, Assassins and Thief join the original Fighter, Magic User and Cleric. You don’t need to know the rules, they are light enough that they can be easily taught through play.

We play using Roll20.net to display maps, although most of the game including combat is done without minis or tokens. We use a free app called Mumble for voice-chat, and a headset is needed as using speakers will result in a terrible echo :)

We welcome anyone to our table who will treat others with respect. No discrimination is tolerated. I doubt I really need to say this, but I feel that it’s better to be clear about it :)

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