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An FGDaze is on for Jan 19. GMs, run a game! Players, join one! Everyone--invite your friends!:

Not sure who's around and watching, but the face-2-face game I've been attempting to run recently has been canceled for the third week in a row. Anyone keen on an impromptu Savage Worlds game?

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FG Daze is coming right up (on June 23). "Our primary Aim is to provide more opportunity to new players to get a game and meet other gamers." Players invited (and more GMs wanted)!

PLAYERS--This is a chance to try new rules, a new setting, or meet new gamers.
GMs--This is a chance to field-test that game you've always wanted to run or introduce players to an on-going game setting you're running.

Full info here!:!

Hey all you greasers! It's time for FGDaze--June 23rd, 2018. Still plenty of time to sign up for a game, or run one yourself! Check out the game announcement thread here:!

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For FG-Con 11, I ran a Savage BattleStar Game..

Great time by all was had....

Well, until the randomly selected Cylon Skin Job activated (A player character), and decided to blow up the cockpit of the raptor, forcing it into a large asteroid.. Killing all on board!
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Are folks still using this page? I just found out from +Jeannette Jarrar that the next FG Con will be October 13th-15th.

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Getting one locked and loaded for the next con.. :)
I have been working on a adventure Idea, most likely for the next FG-Con

By listening to this playlist.. I bet you can guess the era, and I will tell you this much..

Its gonna be Weird! ;-)

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FG Con 10 is next week. There are still some good seats. Deadline for GMs to submit events is April 2nd.

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Hey all, 2 spots left...

Anyone wanting to try out Coriolis, a newly published Sci Fi RPG by Modiphius then this is it. Check out the link
Hi all, I have two slots left for my FG-Con Adventure April 7th. If anyone is wanting to try out Fantasy Grounds as a VTT or the Coriolis RPG. Then this event is for you. Lots of other game systems to try out as well!! Drop by and check out the slew of talented GM's putting off adventures for anyone who wants to try it out!
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