My favorite DJ is Marshmello.😄

I just heard love u by marshmallow just now on BPM on Sirius XM satellite radio I also heard moving​ on by marshmallow I love that song

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Is Marshmello really DotCom?
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What's up mellogang how are u guys !

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Trap nation

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Big news Mello Gang : new song coming out really soon <3

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Marshmello is considered one of the most polarizing figures in EDM currently. While he has a huge fan base that absolutely love him, there are some people who don’t agree with the brand and the music he puts out. While rumors have swirled around Dotcom being Marshmello, there hasn’t been 100% concrete evidence linking that the two artists are one in the same. Well last night Feed Me posted a Snapchat that might change things a bit.
So take a look and décide for your self

Guys we need more people and reaction to this community
So invite your friends to join us to grow this family ^^

Mello gang Where are u guys :)

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