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Enjoy this fun animation showing how solo practitioners can thrive using collaborative healthcare solutions in the integrative alternative holistic healthcare field for a thriving, fun, meaningful work life. Website:

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Practitioners thrive with collaborative healthcare solutions. [Possibility Pictures Animation]

Discover collaborative healthcare solutions for Asheville alternative and integrative holistic healthcare practitioners/professionals for a thriving, fun, meaningful work life. Possibility Pictures Presents, “When Jack stops climbing the corporate beanstalk to transform struggling lives fleeing a sinking Titanic”, using teamwork, collaboration tools, network, and services to overcome a painful work life full of stress, exhaustion, isolation, and lack of power. Jack’s message is to stop climbing the corporate beanstalk/ladder and flee the sinking Titanic of a corporate feudal system. Jack acknowledges the power of being an entrepreneur, but points out the limitations of being a solopreneur, where you are all alone rowing your own boat. Jack shares his secret of being an entrepreneurial collaborator.

Possibility Pictures likes to present animated re-written stories that are fun to read and provide packed value into a short video. So of course, the taglines for Possibility Pictures are:

Change Your Story, (Create a Better Story with a Bigger Cast)
Change Your Life, (Be All You Can Be)
Change Our World (Become a “WE”)

Possibility Pictures rewrites two stories about Jack, (“Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Jack and the Titanic”) and collapses them into one rewritten story that describe the successive transformations of an employee into a struggling solopreneur, and then into an entrepreneurial collaborator.

In less than eight minutes he relates his story about…

His nightmare he was living,
His surprising discovery,
His new results,
Myths he busted,
His secret solutions,
His mistakes,
And the huge opportunity he wants to share.

The animation has a wonderful soundtrack that carries the listener through the various emotional stages of the story.

This author’s secondary purpose is to illustrate how animation can deliver our practitioner’s message effectively to his or her audience in a fun concise way.

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How Jill met Jack on the hill to transform life with Structural Integration Rolf Bodywork Therapy. We wanted to share this provider member's first YouTube video. [Awesome Animation] Possibility Pictures presents How Jill met Jack on the hill to transform life with Structural Integration at Asheville Structural Integration in the big hills of the Western North Carolina mountains. This fun animation suggests how to reduce pain, stiffness, stress, increase energy, and move freely with grace and ease. Enjoy the benefits of structural integration Rolf bodywork therapy. This is recommended for people in pain and everyone who wants more from their bodies, because they crave more capacity to live life fully! Go see a structural integration practitioner, like Jack!

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If you have not joined and listed yourself, do it now!  Asheville's Conscious Health Collaborative website is live!  We are offering a free directory courtesy listing of all health and wellness professionals in the Asheville area.  Free for the next six months: get a huge listing in the directory, blog health and wellness articles to this audience, and help build an education library for members-only on Asheville's premier marketing engine for local health care practitioners.  Visit the website below by clicking on the logo.
Asheville Conscious Health Collaborative
Asheville Conscious Health Collaborative

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Anybody know how to get the following picture sized correctly in this group's logo picture?  It is 960 x 540 as per google spec, yet it is cropped portrait instead of the stated requirement of landscape.
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