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Name : may Michaelis
Age : 15
Type : Demon
Crush : grell sutcliff
Wepons : pistol
Likes : candy
Dislikes : Vocaloid music
Bio : complicated
Parents :
father : Sadastion Michaelis
Mom : may-rin
Sexuality : bisexual
Gender : F
Hair color : orange
Outfit : a black leather dress

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Name: "I am Ruka Knightwalker, head of the Knightwalker estate and mansion. I serve the Queen but just over Sir Phantomhive"
Age: "Im now fifteen years of age, do NOT, underestimate me"
Gender: "Female"
Race: "I'm human but get any ideas and I have a hellhound by my side at all times "
Appearance: "I usually follow dress code for nobles and wear my so called 'boots' with a long blue dress with white lace. My red hair is very un-natural but very real. It flows to my shoulders in sweet sized curls. My eyes are as blue as the ocean, would you believe that?"
Class: "I am of noble heritage making me a noble"
Likes: "I prefer tea over anything else"
Dislikes: " Social events are alright but scones are out of the question"
Bio: "At a young age my mother left the mansion and I was left alone with my father. He led several trade systems and was a superior to others at his rank. His necklace was what he left behind as he went across the sea for a job. He never came back. I had terrible nightmares back then, living alone in the mansion at the age of six or seven. But soon, I found a way to make everything better. That's when I formed a contract with Ryuk Rizumaki"

Butler Template (more background)
Name: "As of now my name is Ryuk Rizumaki. What a surprise to have you her at the manor"
Age: "Well now, don't let looks deceive you dear guest"
Gender: "I am a Man meaning of the Male gender"
Race: "I am a Demon Butler dear guest, don't go telling everyone now"
Appearance: "He has a blue hair with one red one red eye. He wears the same coat as Sebastion of the Phantomhive manor but it is arranged differently with diamond color buttons to match the mayor's blue and white look" Ruka then walks away
Class: "I am but a humble Butler serving the Knightwalker head. I am, how should I say? A pawn in this game"
Likes: "I enjoy preparing dishes for my young mistress along with teaching her school lessons and preparing business paperwork"
Dislikes: "Her young mistress signed a contract with me many years ago, for her past was something dreadful for a child, and that's really all you need to know"
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Name Ellen Angel
Age 13
Gender girl
Profession Ciel guardian angle
Likes books secret passage ways winning
Dislikes killers criminal
Bio I was the Angle of Ciel Phantomhive since the day he was born Sebastian always knew I was there and try to shoo me off but I know there is good in Ciel and I wont purify him I will let him choose

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Oh Sebastian
Originally shared by ****
Hello eveyone!!!! Kisses to all my lovey people for being awesome friend to me ❤❤
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Anyone up for a black butler rp im a love child of Sebastian and some one who likes to rp it?))

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Name: ciellia Phantomhive
Status: countess 
Likes: socializing ,candy 
Dislikes: rude people 

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Name-navine michaelis ((has fox ears))
Age-rencarnates when dies but current age is 5 but can be an orphan a 3 year old and a 13 year old
Likes-foxes sweets ciel
Dislikes-grell and claude ((is afraid))
Species-one third fox obe third demon one third vampire
Family-Sebastian and an older sister
Personality-shy sweet kind clumsy inocent
Bio-is Sebastians youngest daughter she is very sweet

Name-neffi michaelis
Species-half neko half demon
Family-Sebastian and a younger sister
Personality-responsible kind alittle motherly
Bio-is Sebastians oldest daughter she lived with claude for a while and her and navine found there dad to weeks ago and he hasn't found out that she is pregnant with claudes child
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