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 Vincent van Gogh quote from the episode "Vincent and the Doctor"

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Dear Fellow Whovians, 
The Traitor’s Trap, Book II of Sebastian and the Hibernauts, is now available as paperback or ebook. The kindle book is discounted at 99c for the next four days (19-22nd & you can preorder). To enter the draw to win one of THREE signed copies of the Doctor Who 2016 Diary (signed by the author, Nora Mallon) simply buy a 99c copy of The Traitor's Trap from the Amazon site and forward a copy of the receipt to If you haven’t got a kindle reader, you can download a FREE one through the book link. 
Good luck and magical wishes, Brendan.

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The winner from each of the polls I'm about to do will advance. If there are more than five polls, the highest percentages will advance. All are open till 5:00 tommorow.
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For my ninth documentarian style blog, which is my second Doctor Who Mythology blog, is a study on “Gallifrey and the Time Lords.” I start out by examining the planet Gallifrey, with identifying its location in the galaxy, what it looks like from orbit, and what it looks like from the surface of the planet. I also examine the environment of the planet Gallifrey, and make some comparisons and contrast with the planet Krypton from DC Universe. I go from there and examine who the Gallifreyans are in relationship with the Time Lords. Then I examine the physiology of the Gallifreyans (Time Lords), and make a comparison and contrast with the physiology of human beings, along with examining the internal organs of a Time Lord. I go from there and take a close study and examination of the history of the Gallifreyans. I start out with the Dark Times of Gallifrey’s history, and the Gallifreyan Empires under the rule of the Pythia. Then I examine the decline of the Pythia and the Gallifreyan Empires, as I go from there to examine the rise of the Time Lords. I examine the short biographies of Rassilon and Omega, who were the founders of Time Lord society. I then examine the barbaric and war like history of the Time Lords with the Death Zone, then their war with the Great Vampires, and their destructive involvement with the race of Minyans, which lead to their strict Non-Interference policy. And finally I examine the history of the Time Lords which leads up to the Doctor’s story, in the Doctor Who story “An Unearthly Child.”

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scène de combat épique à l'épée entre le 3eme doctor (Jon Pertwee) et the Master (Roger Delgado)

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