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Thinking holistically

This is a long but worthwhile read imho. Innovation, seen by many as the solution to every problem, is not actually enough. Managing and maintaining the infrastructure is also required. We can use the term "ecosystem" to partially cover some of these needs.

I've watched, horrified, as many Western countries have let their physical infrastructures decline either for ideological reasons or because such investments do not fit in with the get rich quick/maximise profits paradigm. Portfolios built out of junk finance etc do not hold up as true balance sheet assets.

Time for some new thinking.

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I expect some of you already know about this. But just in case, early bird tickets finish tomorrow

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See you at the Hypercat Summit

We have quite a presence at the Hypercat Summit next Monday, including a presentation from our own +Martin de Heaver on some of his projects. I'm really looking forward to this - and to get an update from the Hypercat folks.

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Bot monetisation ideas

Good article surfaced by +Paulo Silveira about how to monetise your bots.

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Interesting article from Stratfor

Structural changes are afoot. Here's one opinion on the matter.
The era of globalization is coming to an end, though its effects will not disappear entirely.

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Open Source Being and Mind

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One of the themes at this year's FutureFest is all about wellbeing.

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Colony: The Ethereum Platform for DAOs

I managed to record a video of the presentation & the Q&A.
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