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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, we've hit upon this idea and we thought we'd give it a go.....

As a relatively new and independent consultancy, we know that as a company with low overheads, we can offer extremely competitive rates to our clients. However, the problem is that our clients don't know about us, so they go through the bigger consultancies and pay a premium.

So we hit upon the idea of setting up a community on Google +, where consultants can advise that they are available, but more importantly, housing organisations can post any projects/assignments they have and invite consultants to get in touch, provide a proposal etc.

The idea is that this will enable organisations to engage directly with the consultant, get a bespoke and tailored proposal and hopefully a competitive rate.

We only enable a platform to engage, we don't recommend any specific consultants, and are not involved in the formal or informal relationships that form (unless we are putting in a proposal ourselves of course!).

So please, whether you're a freelance consultant, or a representative from a housing organisation, please feel free to give this a go, it's worth a try and we'd love to hear some feedback on both the idea and any success stories as a result!

Share away and engage!!

Hi, I'm currently (March 2016) available for Housing Consultancy assignments 2 days per week, anywhere in the UK. I offer extremely competitive rates compared to many other housing consultants and specialise in Housing Management, Performance Improvement and Service Turnaround.

Please feel free to contact me on 078 333 62 663 or for a chat about how I can help.
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