Bubble, cool Billionaire fart bubble control world.

50% +. Tyranny of consensus. We read, britches!!!

Extinction is billionaires fault.

Hyper-inflation is something to consider when 1800, or so global billionaires gel to money managers?

Fuck them. Same C-8 cancer in their negligent blood streams.

"Richest" Bezos, get an Electric non 1099 Fleet vehicle company, "17"% excuse of Amazon, or admit grandma Energy Department was Bin Salman100th concubine. Please. 20% of Earth's land permafrost depends on Bananarama AP. Shelters like you Seattle Los Alamos Milan.

20% of Bin Salman, Unocal, Little Nate Rothschild's pre-climate science earth, Vlad Polonium also, is Methane bog. Millions of years of Sapiens extinction worth. Ask Wood's Hole and local billionaire Jack about this. They got it from Jesus Vlad control's trillionaire extinction rig USA style Russia.
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