Nicee Mutlu Seneleree

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Good !!!

Aşkın Gücüne Kimse Engel Olamaz ki..

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Hiç bir şeye değişmem aşkla bakan gözlerini..

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You and me,
How wonderful days had we lived
Knowing that those days wouldn’t last
A nice friendship during a few-weeks-holiday
During the moonlit nights, under the trees
In the arms of loneliness we would chat
About richness, poverty, happiness, unhappiness
Fortune, misery for long hours
Perhaps we had found its remedy
Now our ways are separated
You to your way, I to mine
What would happen if there were seas, high mountains?
Since your name is carved on my heart, don’t think I’ll forget about you
Goodbye my sympathetic ear, goodbye my friend
We might meet somewhere one day
We would talk about the past and future
Goodbye my sympathetic ear, goodbye my friend

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The stars had hung to the sky’s roof
As if they had been a glimmering candle light
The trees had come out from the earth’s deep heart,
Had got the cradle to wag with untimely wind
You’ve been in my heart with your endless love for months
You must know how much I love you
Don’t care about nonsensical words, let strangers talk
 Loving hearts are making the lover live with love
You are the one for me, I am ¤¤¤¤ of longing
Come to me baby, make my expectancy end
Have such a great love that astonishes me
Let the sunshine become dull near your love

I love the one who says, believes that the heart..
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