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Hello everyone! I'm Shadow Freddy and I look forward to viewing all the art you've made! just a phew rules to make sure we can all draw and share smoothly...

-Please respect what people draw
-Only comment negative if the poster/artist said they want your feedback
-Keep the art Five Nights At Freddy's related!
-You can make your own competitions
-If you make a competition, you get to make the rules. But the terms for your competition must be approved by a moderator or myself before shared 
-You may role-play on art posted under the "Art for role-play" category
E.G, someone draws "The Bite of 87" Under role play, you can role play the bite
-Have fun!
-Please keep sexual sunday to a minimal..

Wow this community's dead

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FNAF Fanart Music video
Song by Owl city - Silhouette
This song is about Shadow Bonnie and follow me on YouTube and DeviantArt RafaelBarron55

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Swagy springy B3
Art is mine do not steal, trace, Copy, or use without permission

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Girl Freddy and Bonnie drawings (I know that they are both males)
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Thank you for accepting me!

Have a little Plushtrap that I did

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backstory:Ren chaser a clumsy security guard who likes to slack off from work who met with unexpected events on a day before a kid's birthday party she noticed a shadowy figure that was gonna go to the parts and service she didnt see any I.D on its uniform as she followed the shadow she lost track of it,not knowing what she did was really stupid of her and met her faithful death
im bad at backstories so forgive me ORZ kms i shall regret ever posting this

and ofc she was stuffed into that animatronic lol i suck choosing colors for OC's so deal with it soyeahokaysomeoneanyonekIlL mE

and you see that other animatronic guy?? that's her friend dark the sneaky racoon the oc doesnt belong to me though it belongs to a friend of mine which is i dont know if he's in here in this group
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