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Now when my x58 Asus r3e, x5660 @4.6 "Seems have died" 6x4gb 1600mhz ddr3 "3different brands 1 pair is 2133mhz" 650w Corsair HX, Sb Z , Asus 290x matrix platinum 1200/5670mhz, Deepcool 240t "2month old with 2000rpm even barely hearable but had double the cfm than any other fan on Sweden's biggest PC hardware shop website so it cooled the CPU real damn well not much difference than my swiftec h220 did before the pump failed" 1 Intel 730 240gb SSD 1 Kingston 300 ssdnow 120gb "One RMA that a friend had unopened and just had laying around and what I could benchmark it has the good chip in it the Intel and Kingston didn't differ much in 3 benchmarks. Got both ssds from a friend as my old slow Kingston SSD bought in 200407something but when benchmarked that the old one it was between an regular 7200rpm and crucial 100mx I think, so I where glad I got both those old but unopened SSD for free 2 months ago. Have new silent good by going thru forum ppl that all the fans in the chassis was right on" chassis Fractal design r4 windowed and have 2x1tb 7200 WD disks.

I'm standing between saving from every pre retirement payout I get that's around 8500sek before medecine food transportation hospital internet and rent so maybe I can save between 1-2000sek a month.
I want a ryzen 1700x I need new ddr4 memories atleast 16gb a new motherboard that will hold if I should overclock so I want the mid high-ends ones haven't checked them out lately but I want 2 and gfx cards if I choose to buy another 290x maybe later and 1 for my soundcard. I do mostly photo editing sometimes video editing from my phone with 12 mpix camera has the same camera as google pixels. Play on my steamlinken sometimes but I don't usually play often, but I do convert my blueray to HEVC I save them on my 2 4tb usb3 drives. But mostly Photoshop cc2017 Sony editing tool handbrake mkv tool and maybe some cheap version of 3d gaming with mobilephone and headsetts and software .

Why I think it's the CPU on my computer now is cause 1 week ago I got in to windows when I set the CPU on stock or made a clear CMOS . Yesterday I woke up no screen whatever I did took out memories did all I could think of could change BIOS settings thru Asus RC Bluetooth app when the computer was of could set the bckl on 100 and övervolt the CPU to 1.35v I have tried NB bolting everything no problems with heat but I get bootcodes thru the mobile and when I turn it on it stops on CPU init. The first code that comes up, so do you think I could just buy an new x5650 or 660 and maybe have an working computer while I save up money to an AMD ryzen?? Or should I sell of my parts and buy budget chassis and everything. My biggest wish is to have the problem is the CPU and I can have 4 months to save for new Mobo CPU memories maybe PSU it's 2 years old but since the CPU died and my PSU could be the reason but I think it was going on 4.6ghx for 2.5 years . And doing hard work. I was pleased with the performance. So what do you guys think. Sorry for how I writing I have alot autism spectrum and I'm sorry if it was hard to read. I am embarrassed on writing on the net I don't use FB but I'm trying to get an hang on Google plus. Don't k ow how to check when I get an answer but I get a hold of it. Ty for you read my horrible text you don't have to respond but very thank you if you have something I can go after. And a CPU is anyways one month away for me to buy it I have 30 bucks in the bank :/ best wishes /Marcus from sweden

Hey there I'm quite new to Google plus but I'm anti Facebook so I will give this thing a shot. We'll I'm 32years old and my first computer I overlooked the CPU on was an Intel 286 7mhz to 10mhz made some of that times games run on ultra speed hehe. But my autism spectrum gives me harmony afront computers only place I feel peace and since I was not old to now I love computers and pushing it to its limits with the tiny budget I have. Lives in Sweden but am to sick to work so don't have much money to spend. So my Rigg now is an cheap part gotten x58 Rampage 3 extreme with an six core with ht an xeon x5660 that I bought cheap for one and an half year ago for 45dollars and have 24gb random ddr3 tree pairs of different two Kingston blue 1600mhz 9_9_9_27 1,65v 4gb each and newest was on sale Kingston savage red same timings just 1,5v is needed for those and I got from an friend two gå kill rip jaws 2133mhz memories but I run them in 9_9_9_24 1T at safely 158xmhz my CPU is over locked from 2.6 to 4.3ghz ht on I had an swifter h220 but it got the pump problem for the second time bought it from another person that had gotten it from RMA so it was new. Think the warranty is for 1,5years more but I have misplaced all the screws and don't have the original fans so I don't k ow if I should send it in. In sweden I think the seller or shop takes care of the warranty for one year than eu law or at least for selling in Sweden the manufacturer has to give two more years after the shop. Well why I'm taking this up is cause my CPU gets kinda hot in an fractal design r4 WI does I have good fans and I bought an cheap cooler master 212 v1 one year ago when the air water cooler pump gave up. Has two nocturnal 120mm fans push and pull on the cm Evo. I don't know what to do I'm near of buying an Deepcut maelstrom 220T costs 68$ on a Swedish web shop now the swifter I have and the now new swiftest h220 costs a little more than double but at least the Deepcut with better fans must perform a bit better than my tower cooler. Or should I contact swifter thru email maybe Se if I get one of their new ones a use this is the second time. And having an hot asus matrix platinum 290x 1150/5700-sucky ephod a memories- it gets a bit hot in the case and with the swifter I can push my old CPU to 4,6-4,7ghz. I'm playing some on the steamlink and Photoshop pictures in raw from my Dslr and converts x264 to help all my literary and video editing 4k home filmed. All MHz I can get is just better but when CPU and gpu works same time it gets I..... hot. That's why I want a air cooler. So anyone know if Deepcut 220T is an alright cooler, don't know if this thread is active but at least worth an try. Sorry for writing so caotic it's my dawn ultra Adhd with much autism spectrum I can't help it sorry. Best regards from Marcus

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Looks like OC3D Community member ''Deadloss'' starts his Spring Cleaning a little early this year, and about time too. forum member, deadloss, recently did an early 'spring clean' on his incredibly dusty H100 radiator... Temps were still great though! Does anyone have a dustier Hydro than this? (As posted by Corsair

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Anidees AI-6 Review by OC3D


You'll be forgiven if you haven't heard of Anidees before now, they're pretty fresh to the world of PC case manufacturing. Essentially a European based design company, with their manufacturing base in China, their ethos is one of "Ideas from you".  A visit to their website will reveal that their rather unusual name is essentially a pluralised English to German/French/Dutch translation of "An Idea".  Spend a few minutes wandering around their website and you'll discover that not only is this the first case they've brought to market, but at present their only case, and for that matter their only actual product. Let's hope it's up to the mark.

Find out more @

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ASUS Ares II Preview by OC3D


Regular readers will remember the original Ares, a monster of a card with two fully functioning Radeons at the heart of it. Having moved to the Mars II a while ago (the Mars being the dual-GPU nVidia cards and the Ares being the AMD variant) it's about time that a new Ares graced our pages. That's exactly what we have with a sneak preview of the Ares II.

Find out more at

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The 2012 Christmas Winners have been announced. A big congratulations to;

First Prize - seumasbeathan
Custom Corsair 600T
Asus Maximus V Formula
Intel i7 3770K
Asus GTX670 DCU-II
Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 16GB
Corsair Force GS 240GB
Corsair H100i
Corsair AX760i

2nd Prize - UkGouki
£500 Aria Gift Voucher

3rd Prize - jamesriley94
£150 SpecialTech Gift Voucher
Corsair Vengeance 1500, M90 and MM400

4th Prize - FredEx
Intel i5 3570K

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OC3D Best of 2012 Awards

Find out more about the best PC Hardware from 2012 over at OC3D

By OC3D: Introduction

We see a lot of hardware through the year here at OC3D, and it's good to look back at the products that we really loved. We know that not everyone has the cash to rush out that instant and buy a new piece of hardware, so this is also for those of you who want to know what the best product is in our opinion, without having to read all of our reviews. Although you should read them all anyway as they are lovingly crafted.

So without further ado, here at the bits of tech in the nine major categories that made a bigger impression than the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy in 2012. The bold hardware names lead to our original review if you wish a closer look at why they appeared in our end-of-year roundup.

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Club 3D 7870 Joker XT Edition Review

Would you like to know more about the Club 3D 7870 Joker XT Edition Review then take a look at the OC3D Review.

By OC3D: Introduction

The current selection of midrange Radeon cards provide some of the best value for money around in any hardware category. Not only are they good value but they perform excellent and, even better for us, they overclock well too. Club 3D are fairly new to our shores but both the HD7850 and HD7950 that we've reviewed have blown our socks off, and led to them taking home two of our Best of 2012 awards.

Today we're taking a look at the latest iteration of the HD7870, here in XT trim which comes with 256 additional stream processors when compared to the original HD7870 GPU.

Does the award-winning roll that Club 3D are on continue, or is this truly the joker in the pack?

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Custom Corsair Competition! Final Days!

Tonight is the big night where Overclcock3D will be announcing the winners of the BIG 2012 Christmas Competition.

To find out more pop over to YouTube and listen to our good friend Mr. Tom Logan.


Custom Corsair Competition! Final Days!

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Looks as if the Christmas Competition which is soon to be released and the results to be shown online, has caused a surge of people to overwhelm the OC3D servers, and has caused many errors.

This was predicted by our good friend Mr. Tom Logan, all we are waiting for now is whether this is good new or bad news for the OC3D Team, and of course their new ISP Provider.

They might have to show the result on Facebook to keep up with the traffic, while their site recovers.

Let's wait and see, to find out....?!
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