"National Forum for Constitutional Remedies"


Even constitution makers also concern about our political leaders being getting indulge in financial corruption! So that the provisions of remedies mentioned in our constitution! 
Unfortunately, common people's don't realise the actuality! Political leaders aren't celebrities! And even celebrities also must not be given more importance in other matters without considering their expertise in those fields!
The political reforms are most primary requirements to the process of financial reforms!
People's must know their fundamental rights and they must demand and ensure the same as and when those neglected.
Even people's should ask for remedies of laws if violets the fundamental rights! Which can further be formed in parliament.
So the requirement of NLFNP (National Legal Forum under NGO Provisions) for Constitutional Remedies is must.
We request strong motivated people's from any field, who believe can contribute something towards the development of our Nation, can plz join National Forum for Constitutional Remedies (NFCR).

Another Forum is already on its way to form as, NLFNP by Login to http://bit.ly/2cOCt0h orwww.localcircles.com

To extend something good to the Nation!

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