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Just a little THANK YOU to everyone

+Mini World +amy wasgehtsiedasan +João Jorge ESC +Eurovision Germany +Spacial Music +ESC Andrei +Eurovision Macedonia +Roman ESC +tkmastermusic +EmilyEurovision UK +ESCosimo +Sharky Parky +Primaveranotoño +AustrianEurovision +Andreea Smile +Alex ESC +Aleks F +Sara MB +Harry Daly +ESC Marco +Henrii Henrii +Juliette M +Joshua Eriksson +ESC Luigi +Claire Caseus +BastiESC +Magic Esc +ESC Marissa +Sora Cookie Esc +Jorrit Esc +Eurovisiongirl
Thanks for all the awesome songs♥! (All UI's can feel hugged too, sadly i can't tag all of you)

+AnesBosna +Gogo Myu and all the other xat friends of mine. Thank you too for all the original music♥!

+Magic Esc +Henrii Henrii, but specially +ESC Scott
Thanks for the help at the website♥!

+Henrii Henrii
Thanks for the Running Order pictures♥!

+João Jorge ESC +Spacial Music +Roman ESC +tkmastermusic +EmilyEurovision UK +ESCosimo +Andreea Smile +Alex ESC +Harry Daly +ESC Marco +Henrii Henrii +Juliette M +Claire Caseus +BastiESC +Magic Esc +ESC Marissa +Sora Cookie Esc +Eurovisiongirl
Thanks for all the cute videos about the SSC, they made and still make me really happy♥!

+Claire Caseus +Juliette M
Thanks for making KPop even more important to me, than it was before already♥

So yes, I finally decided to end the SSC at this point. I don't like saying forever.. But it's likely :')! It was such an awesome time and i had so much fun and i hope you had too♥ I'm sorry to everyone who really was a huge fan of the SSC, but lets say we should end it at time, when its the best♥

And thanks for all the fights.

Oh my god... I can't believe how long ago this ended...

already 29 weeks?


I want this babe back :3 :))

hey guys can i join as a participants countries ? thanks

Omg this is so sad looking at the community and it never having notification... I really hope it returns in the future but I understand if it doesn't...

Reminder and news

Please send me your entries for the VDSSC till sunday!

+Aleks F/ +ESC Radek
+Alex ESC/+Roman ESC
+Andreea Smile/ +EmilyEurovision UK
+Sara MB
+Henrii Henrii/ +Harry Daly
+ESC Marco/+Mini World
+Eurovision Germany/+Tkmastermusic (Can someone tag him please?)
+Lemmy/ +Cian O'Rourke (Same for Lemmy)

Also, since the normal SSC won't continue in the near future, all United Islands on the waiting list that did not take part in the SSC yet are allowed to participate

so, there are still not many participants for jssc 5. i decide to tag the ones which took part last edition.

+ESC Andrei +João Jorge ESC +Maie Esc (cute kawaiia) +Juliette M +ESC Robert +Spacial Music +Mini World +Alex ESC +ESC Marissa +caseus rosa clara +Sophia O +Sharky Parky +amy wasgehtsiedasan +BastiESC

and all uis:
+Igor Bielak +JacobEurovision Greece +Headphone Jack +ESC Thom +ESC Matteo +MitchellESC +ESC IRE +ESC Brasil +Kewol 07 +Lemmy +ESC Lisa Germany +YCiv san Togru

and if anybody wants to return/debut:
+AustrianEurovision +Eurovision Macedonia +Anfrers +EmilyEurovision UK +ESC Luigi +Primaveranotoño +AnesBosna +Gogo Myu +Aᴘᴏꜱᴛᴏʟɪꜱ

confirm your participation if you want to :)

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Sunriseland will be represented by Jai Waetford in JSSC #5 with his song Living not dreaming <3

jssc 5

ill do it yea, send your song if you want :) every existing country and uis can take part.

i already wrote a longer post but im too lazy now to make all again xD
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