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Hello everyone!  Please join this community to help get your YouTube channel off the ground!  Sub4Sub is also welcome!  Lets do great things together!

If a moderator is being unfair, email me at

-NO spamming videos or your channel
-NO inappropriate, racist or ANY kind of offensive post
-NO advertising other communities
-Post in the correct category
You get ONE WARNING!!! After that you will be banned!

If you have ideas for the community, leave a comment with #community  !

Here's my other community :D

Hi I'm 14
I'm looking for some people to collaborate with on PC
On games like Arma 2 DayZ,Rocket League,CSGO (im a total noob),Rust and The Forest.
The only requirements are that you're 14 or over and have a decent mic
If your interested add me on Skype or Discord
PS:My timezone is GMT

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The car combat in this game is one of the shining features that make it as good as it is. Taking out one of Scroutus's convoys is dangerous and daunting, even with a good vehicle. Let's do this!

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I'm freaking bored and I'm trying to find some livestreams so I can find people to play with because I have nothing better to do, anyways tell me if you wanna collab with me, I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and helping each other out

Hello I am just a starting YouTuber who would love to collaborate with with any sort of gaming in the short future. As of now, I am posting a few storytelling videos and gameplay of a few apps. If anyone also needs support in their Channel, I am happy to give you!

Hello I just joined this community and I'm just a small youtuber looking for people to collad with and to make friends

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subscribe for sweet memes. Made a new video:

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Would appreciate if you could check out my new video- Let It Grow But Everything Is A Meme.
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