Its been almost two months since Donatello's escape. Michelangelo and his two brothers lost all hope of his return. Earthwolf was missing Donnie. However one guard had suspiciousions about Donnie's return for months now. But it's still yet to happen. Lunch period the turtle and Earthwolf were sitting at their usual place. +Maddison Thompson (feel like starting these back up again?)

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Lilac had just gotten captured, as soon as they put her in a cell, she starts ramming up against the walls trying to find a way out, eventually she gave up, and is now pacing back and forth

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Unknown but appears as female

A snake, lizard, and Alien hybrid thing

Mostly unknown, but it's obvious that her teeth are weapons.

Section Belongs in:

(Btw the lady with black hair, is the scientist that originally created her. There is a brunette who is her assistant)
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( +Maddison Thompson )
(You're alright)

Kada sighed

Lunch time all the cells open and all the inmates/prisoners go to the cafeteria

This will only be updated by me. But here's the list of current escaped prisoners:
Donatello: Me
Leonardo: Me (for now)
Michelangelo: Me
Raphael: Me (for now)
Earthwolf: Me

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Name: Earthwolf
Gender: Female
Species: Alien Dog (yus don't question meh)
Weapons/Powers: Earth/Rock powers (which she can't use, yay!)
Section Belongs in: Mammals
Preventing her from using her powers (optional): A collar

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(I'm rping as mainly Donnie in this and this is open to anyone in the Reptile Section)
I'm sitting in my cell in the Reptile Section. The front was a clear unbreakable material and the sides were concrete. In the midst of winter it definitely wasn't the warmest place to be. Each cell had a bed at least as well as a toilet, and even a small chest for food, but nothing else. We got out about 4 times a day. For breakfast, lunch, job, and dinner. My job at the moment was janitor. In the guards' bathrooms. Yeah definitely not the cleanest job, but this way I stay out of trouble and have something to do other than to sit in my cell all day and have the guards laugh at me. I'm trying to play it cool to get myself out of this prision

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Name: Shaun
Age: 25
gender: Male
Weapons: Sword made out of springs, brass and gears. 9mm handgun and brass Thompson
Guarding in: Mammal section

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Name: Donatello
Gender: Male
Species: Turtle
Weapons/Powers: Bo-Staff
Section Belongs in: Reptiles

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Name: Amoura
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Weapons/Powers: Katana
Section Guarding: Birds
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