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hello Google Cloud Platform Community
i just attended CloudOnBoard waterloo , very good event and really nice to be there

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Getting cockroachDB (similar to Google Spanner) up and running on Kubernetes (GKE) can be quite a complex task, especially in secure mode. If you are working on something like this, this tutorial might save you a bit of time.

Hi all, i know how to export vm machine in google compute. I can export in format vdi or vmdk but when i want to import into vmware or virtualbox, it's impossible ! someone can help me ?

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In issue #102 of Weekly Google Cloud Platform Newsletter more examples of using Cloud Build, BigQuery & Auto ML, advices for database modelling and more. Subscribe to get latest as well as future issues #googlecloud

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If you have even a passing interest in containerization, you've probably heard a lot about Kubernetes. But how does it work? And is it ready for production time?
Learn how enterprises that invested in Kubernetes are gaining a strategic advantage by reducing infrastructure costs and accelerating time to market.

Does Cloud SQL provide free tier?

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Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server: Understand Your Requirements

Each organization has its own website that needs to be hosted somewhere with reliable uptime, greater bandwidth, and lowest possible investments. Let us understand the differences between the two most popular web hosting choices: Cloud Server versus dedicated server -

#CloudServer #DedicatedServer #WebHosting #i2k2

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Hello everybody!

My team and I will organise GDG DevFest Romania 2018, November 16th, in Bucharest.

We will have about 450 attendees and one day full of networking, energy, enthusiasm, geeks, inventors, speakers, visitors, presenters.

If you want to see how it was the past year you could check this video:

The “Call for speakers” is open so if you are ready to rock the stage please complete this form:

Thank you and hope to see you at the event! :)

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