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Seeing as there just isn't much traction here, we're going to suggest everyone migrating to the Canadian Android'ers community (unless we get wildly popular in here)

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If you're a developer in Canada, you might want to check the event in Toronto for next year! Great speakers, lots of information and there's always networking with people! HIRED was present as well, you might want to check them out in the event you're looking for work!

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Hi, I would like to share my new #android #app. You can find how to prepare the most amazing drinks and it’s #free.

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Is there post somewhere:
Google Protect vs TELUS Device care?
I one better than the other?
This is for a Pixel XL.

I am about to go through advanced replacement for my Pixel XL. Not sure if while in the Google store getting the replacement with credit card hold until old phone goes back, would let me buy Google Protect at that time?

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Why does Google keep giving me the daily Weather Forecast as Friday everyday?

Hi all, anyone running a Moto X Play from Telus or Koodo receive the Android 6 update yet?

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GDG Montreal had a Droidcon special last night. They had great speakers (especially +Mike Wallace​​​) and got everyone excited to learn more at Droidcon next month. Thy are offering 20% discount on their site so check it out!
+Martin Guay​​ will be there.
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Eligible for early upgrade... Do I go with the MotoX for free? Or should I wait for something better.(current phone is a Nexus 5)
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Dont do it!!!! There are better options
Buy an iphone, revolurionary!
Get the MotoX, you deserve it!
Dont do it!!!! There are better options
Buy an iphone, revolurionary!
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