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I'm interested to hear if anyone has a standardised way of recording research grant information at in their repositories and if they could share any guidelines with me.

Happy to discuss further via email.


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New report released by CSIRO: Sanderson, Todd; Reeson, Andrew; Box, Paul. Understanding and unlocking the value of public research data: OzNome social architecture report. Canberra: CSIRO; 2017. csiro:EP168075.

Complete with accompanying data: Sanderson, Todd; Reeson, Andrew; Box, Paul (2017): Understanding and unlocking the value of public research data. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. 

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New book: 'The Data Librarian's Handbook'. Released December 2016. Authors are two well known UK data librarians, Robin Rice (University of Edinburgh) and John Southall (Bodleian, University of Oxford). Chapter titles look great - would love to get a copy. But of course it costs a bit and there's no e-book. Does anyone know if their library is ordering this? It might then become available for interlibrary loan :)

data librarians, if you were feeling benelovent, what kind of small gift/swag would you give to a researcher who had completed a DMP? #askingforafriend

A couple of recent papers providing evidence for the citation advantage from sharing data:
-Drachen TM, Ellegaard O, Larsen AV, Dorch SBF. Sharing data increases citations. LIBER Quarterly. 2016;26(2):67-82. Available from: (astrophysics)
-Leitner F, Bielza C, Hill SL, Larrañaga P. Data Publications Correlate with Citation Impact. Frontiers in Neuroscience. [Perspective]. 2016;10(article 419). Available from: (neuroscience and molecular biology)

Is this an Australian first? CSU is going to offer a Graduate Certificate in Data Management.

Graduate Certificate in Data Management
CSU’s Graduate Certificate in Data Management is an exciting new online course which introduces data management and curation concepts, tools and principles. To find out more join us for a live online information session presented by Dr Mary Anne Kennan and Dr Mary Carroll from the School of information Studies. Tuesday 13th September at 6:30 pm

Hi All,

I'm looking for a way to find out easily which journals have requirements to publish research data.

Does anyone maintain such a list? Would they be willing to share it with the group if they do?



Does anyone regularly teach classes on how to find secondary datasets?

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Hi folks, Thomas Padilla (digital scholarship librarian @ humanities data centre, UCSB Library) and Devin Higgins (digital library programmer, MSU) gave a paper at DH2016 this week. Paper abstract and slides are worth a squiz

"While there have been numerous efforts at framing the history of the Digital Humanities, no study has concretely characterized the extent to which Digital Humanities research is data driven (Gold and Klein, 2012; Schreibman, Siemens, and Unsworth, 2004; Nyhan, Flinn and Welsh, 2015; Terras, Nyhanand Vanhoutte, 2013)...."

Ingrid .
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