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Welcome to the Henchmen Testing Group! The following are instructions to get the game and start playing:

1. Join the G+ Community
2. Click the Google Play link at the bottom of this post.
3. Press the button to become a tester.
4. Follow the download link to get the game.
5. If the link is broken or if it says that the project doesn't exist make sure that you have completed the previous steps (they are mandatory for the link to work). If so, wait a while and try again later. This is a Google thing. Also see:
6. This game is changing every week so it is important that we stay in touch.

- Turn on notifications in the G+ community
- Join our forums
- Contact Mark or me directly (steven at or mark at
- Follow us on Twitter:
- Follow us on Facebook:

If you decide to stop playing, please tell us why. Since the game is changing, we'd love if you came back later.

Thanks for your help!


Google Play:
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I'm having issues trying to log in with another device. I'm trying to test it out on my nexus 7 2013 tablet.

We're pushing out a new build! Patch notes are below.

Henchmen 1.2.4
September 4, 2014

- Accounts have been reset.

Gameplay Changes
- Death Ray, Orbital Strike and Cuppa Joe turned out to be significantly stronger than we intended. They’ve been temporarily removed as we re-balance them, which should help encourage the testing of more diverse Gadget loadouts.
- Big Bomb has been buffed to 8 health and 4 damage upon exploding. It should now stick around longer and force a reaction from your opponent .
- Players must now select three different Gadgets per loadout. This should help increase diversity in games and allow for stronger gadgets to not completely overwhelm entire games.
- Equipping Gadgets on Henchmen no longer costs that Henchman one of its own Action Points. This should open up the potential for some larger damage combos.
- The first player now only has 3 Actions on their first turn. This should help mitigate some of the advantage of going first.

Usability Fixes
- Players are now automatically shown a tutorial when pressing Play for the first time. This tutorial can be viewed again by pressing the Tutorial button on the main menu.
- Villainman’s stacking Enrage buff is now more clearly shown during gameplay.
- Players can now invite friends to play the game via email when initiating a challenge.
- Short delays have been added between actions during replays. This should make it much easier to understand what actions were taken.
- Action numbers have been added to replays to also help players track steps.
- Known Issue: Opponent discards do not yet have a visual indication during replays. If you see the Action number decrease but no visual action occurring, that is caused by your opponent discarding something from their hand.

Stability Fixes
- The game will no longer crash when opened from the lock screen.
- The game will no longer crash if the player switches applications in the middle of a loading screen.
- Rejecting a challenge will no longer cause a crash.
- Fixed some issues that occurred when players attempted to play the same turn on multiple devices.

Bug Fixes
- Clone now copies the correct attack and health values of the targeted Henchman.

I'm still trying to figure out the enabling and disabling the crafting. What is the purpose of it?

We've had reports of some people having issues with the link. If this happens to you, please confirm the following:

1. That you've joined the Google+ Community first before clicking the link.
2. That you're signed into the correct account when opening the link (an issue may be occurring for people with multiple signed in Google accounts).
3. Wait a little bit (~5 minutes) and try again. It seems like sometimes it takes a little bit for Google to register things on their end.

If you're still having issues, please post in this thread with the error shown on the page and we'll try to look into things for you in more detail.
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